AMD makes small gains in notebook CPU market

By Jos
Aug 20, 2010
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  1. Market research group IDC has put out a new round of quarterly numbers for the x86 processor market, which Intel continued to rule all across -- no surprise there. Worldwide shipments and revenues in general showed uncharacteristic growth during the second quarter of 2010, according to IDC, with mobile units rising while desktop parts fell. AMD did particularly well in the first segment due largely to the arrival of its Nile and Danube mobile platforms.

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  2. Xero07

    Xero07 TS Booster Posts: 100

    Probably good that AMD is targeting the mobile market first with fusion as gains there may vary well outweigh any more losses they receive in the desktop market before bulldozer arrives which will hopefully be able to gain some back.
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,664   +156

    I don't see no issues using the AMD as mobile CPU along with ATI x200 Chipset integration. My first laptop with such a system has been going along without issues since 2005 that's a Single Core with 2GB of RAM and that's was x64 but AMD decided to disable that to x32 so Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit runs just fine. Today I have both AMD Dual core x2 x64 II in two laptops very quick and again ATI HD 4200 series.
  4. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 316

    I have a Turion x2 in my Dv6 laptop, and honestly, even though the laptop got some lackluster reviews, it's handled everything I have thrown at it. It's a pretty solid machine. AMD in general is solid, and frankly I think they deserve more market share than they currently have. It's too bad that folks are so obsessed with Intel.

    But then again, it's usually the ones with the loudest mouths that get the most attention, right?

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