AMD mid-range and entry-level RDNA 4 GPUs could match RTX 4080 and 4060 Ti

Moore's Law is Dead is clickbait trash. It is a HUGE discredit to TechSpot that you quote it, when you can piece the information together yourself and reach the same conclusions.

MLID's sources are simply users posting around on the internet (Chinese forums, Twitter/X, etc...) whose content adds up in a "yeah, that might just make sense and even if it doesn't it makes great clickbait" kind of way.

Yep MLID is a waste of time. His predictions for last gen were completely off. He generally plays to his viewers by hyping up AMDs next gen, but also over inflates next gen NVidia performance too.
So a lot of the 4090s were sold when the H100 peaked at about 60k each. Those trying to save money were buying 4090s instead of a rack full of H100s since the 1 rack would cost $500,000 for 6 and you could buy ~30 4090s at the time for that much. If you didn't need access to all of nVidias software and other features, it was a great option. Something similar went on with the 7900xtx. The extra 4 gigs of memory on the 7900xtx makes a large difference over the 7900xt, hence the price drop. The 7900xtx is being sold by the pallet to startups on a budget but the 7900xt is being sold almost entirely to gamers.

But the H100 is down to about 20k each now and many of the 4090s are 2k+.

So I don't know if what you're saying is true, but steam hardware survey has different information than GPUz so that would be my explanation for the discrepancy.
That explanation though makes even less sense, As I highly doubt people buying H100's, the first thing they do is open up GPU-Z. If anything, the GPU-Z results is quite telling how many gamers/enthusiasts actually bought the 4090.
Yes, it also has a major marketshare VS all of the 7000 series on steam.
Yeah just had a look, it's mad, more people are playing games using Steam with a 4090 than a 2070, or a 1080, or 3080 Ti, hell it's substantially higher than the 4080.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is important to have a high end GPU.
The truth is, AMD could have gotten some of those sales, If they can produce a GPU that performs better than the 4090, it would fly off the shelves.
As a side note, I'm going to try to daily drive a steam deck for a month.
I actually really like my Steam Deck, Still amazes me how good it is for the money and power restrictions. The OLED is particularly impressive.
I also think that the power requirements some of the hardware that's being used for gaming is getting out of hand. Reminds me of the 2 powersupply days back in the 2000s but the largest one you could get was like 600 watts. Now it feels like I would need to wire a seperate breaker just for the PC to run on. It will be really interesting what can be done to lower power requirements and make smaller form factors in the future. If we could get to 7800xt levels of performance in APUs within the next 4 years I will probably never buy another GPU again
It needs to be said, I had a 1080Ti and 8700K before my 4090, now paired with a 7950X3D.

I use less power on average now. The CPU uses nearly 100 watts less whilst being MUCH quicker. the 4090 can absolutely use more power than the 1080Ti, Cyberpunk is a bit unfair as the 1080Ti can't even do path tracing but the 4090 can eat about 120-150 watts more.
HOWEVER, on average, I use far less power with the 4090, World of Warcraft, Valheim, Overwatch, really any game that was easy(ish) to run the 1080Ti, uses considerably less power on the 4090. Some games are now so easy to run, the 4090 barely wakes up when the 1080Ti would at least be half stressed.

I don't think power usage is a problem, I don't think efficiency is going out the window either. I think both companies are just pushing their chips hard to get that performance crown, Similar to Intel with their latest CPU's.
No, however, wasn't it the case not that long ago that more 4090's were active vs the entire AMD 7000 series combined?
Or at least, GPU-Z's database was claiming that for a while, obviously, not all people immediately open up GPU-Z when buying a GPU.

Some interesting statistics out there though, the 4090 sold a lot better than you'd have thought it could for such an expensive product.

The RTX4090 sales had nothing to do with Gaming though... the volume sales were for CUDA.

No Gamer is going to spend +$800 more for a card, when next year they can upgrade again. The ONLY people who are buying $2k Ada for Gaming are lemmings and/or actual people who are buying them on the cheap, instead of spending $3,400 for a Pro card.

Coincidentally, that is why there are hardly anyone gaming on a RTX4080, because Ada's Gaming performance is not that good. RDNA is far better price/performance for gaming.

As for RDNA4...
Single die Navi will equal chiplet performance of the 7900 series on the cheap $600. That is $400 cheaper than the 4080 Super.

RDNA5 (high end chiplet design) will be coming months after RDNA4 single chip dGPUs and offer tailored performance.
Failure of wages to keep up is why people feel like a card that is adjusted for inflation is more expensive than it it should be. But let's not forget the criticism that was originally given to the 40 series. I remember people saying, "nVidia has become the scalpers" with that being cited as the reason why EVGA discontinued doing business with nVidia. I've been hearing whispers about MSI taking the the EVGA route with because they can't profitably sell nVidia cards at MSRP.

while we don't know what exactly nVidias margins are, the 4070ti super is made with the same die that the 4080 super is so we know that the card is still profitable for nVidia at $800.

So I'm looking at these products and thinking, "well that's ****ing stupid."
Nvidia's margins are published every quarter......

Why is this relevant? next gen mainstream graphics have been giving last gen flagships performance since for as long as I can remember.

For instance, the RTX 3070 was as fast as the RTX2080, the 4070 as fast as the RTX 3080 and so and so...
People swear up and down that cards should be $500 for a 4090 and all this performance is somehow being sandbagged. Apparently those 600mm2 dies are just a quarter active or something.