AMD Ryzen 5 5600 vs. Intel Core i5-12400F: GPU Scaling Benchmark


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I totally agree. I know this is a cpu article but gamers are always looking for more FPS. I really feel like this is a biased article and not complete since no AMD video cards were used and benchmarked.
Please atop.
It's a CPU scaling benchmark. Not a CPU/GPU feature benchmark...


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Looks like it's a beta BIOS, so it is tempting to update but theres not notes on what CPUs that BIOS update supports.
It is a beta. Says beta right on it. I have the same on X470. A full release will come with soon.

You thought you were maxed at Zen 2.
You're not. 😉
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That's such great news :)
Might pick up a 5600X for cheap in a few months time.
AGESA was beta BIOS "6023" then later become stable with BIOS "6024" on my board.

You can wait for stable BIOS with AGESA or either will work perfectly if you're not buying 5800X3D since it could need another BIOS update down the road unlike a 5600X that's mature and basically maxed out in optimizations and stability. is supposed to have a fix from AMD for issues with Zen 3 related to fTPM causing stutter in some games. So maybe wait for that one of you don't want to update it more than once in a 3-6 month period.
Wow - on and on with a skewed opinion. And we can tell that's all it is because real world experience shows us the 2000 series is 100% fine for gaming - many folks still using for just that. And as for not knowing anyone that has done the keep same mobo / upgrade firmware and CPU series - well 2 on of the 10 or so replies here have said they've just that. Many folks have! Damn - Google SKU, cos I dont think you know that one either :joy:

I used a ryzen 5 2600x paired with an rx 580 8gb in my first build and at 1080p the performance was great at max settings in most games. I personally have upgraded the firmware on an msi b350m bazooka motherboard for use with a ryzen 5 3600x and a gtx 980 ti in my home theater pc and it does well at 1440p on the less graphically intensive games I play on it. I have a 5600x paired with an rtx 3070 ti in my main PC that I use mostly for 4k gaming and I'm pleased with it. I haven't had any problems at all with amd, but I agree with these others saying that Intel heating up the competition is good for all of us as consumers.


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Yep, my target is 5600 or 5700x for my aging R5 2600and B450 board. Im just glad still have path to upgrade using AMD. Back then in 2019 my Skylake and B150 intel chipet stuck with Kaby Lake for upgrade path .


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The entire point of the Ryzen 5600 is that it is the cheapest easy to OC CPU. Techspot's own 5600X versus 12400 review had the 5600X ahead in almost every game. The Ryzen 5600 can be OC'd above the 5600X no problem, at low 1.275V and 4.7Ghz all cores.

Ryzen is superior to Intel 100 percent here. Bad review. They really should have made an 4.7Ghz all core versus 12400 review. Disappointed in them here.


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6C/12T is really bare minimum these days. I'd personally not buy less than 8C/16T (meaning 8+ performance cores)

I'm going to assume that you talking about modern 6c/12t because i3 12100F beats Ryzen 5 3600 in every gaming benchmark

I don't think number of cores matter that much. What matter is actual performance

Also, according to Hardware Unboxed latest video, i3 12100 @5.1GHz beats stock i5 12400 in both average and lows

In other words, if intel make very fast 4 cores/8thread CPU in the future then it can still beat current 6 cores/12thread CPU