AMD Ryzen CPUs reportedly getting new microcode in November

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According to MSI Marketing Director Eric van Beurden, AMD will be releasing a new microcode next month that will have more than 100 improvements for Ryzen CPUs.

The MSI exec said in the latest episode of MSI Insider that the microcode would start rolling out next week, first with BIOS vendors so they can update their BIOS with it. They will then pass on it to motherboard manufacturers so they can tweak it to suit their specific hardware. German wedsite Planet 3DNow notes that this will reportedly take a couple of weeks.

Van Beurden did not mention the specifics of the improvements but did say that they were not all just bug fixes. There will also be new features and other improvements, but he was vague with the details. He also did not mention what version it would be, but it is likely to be an update to the AGESA microcode.

You can hear van Beurden talk about it in his own words starting at about 50:00 in the above video.

Users can expect the update to be available sometime in November.

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Gotta love them smooth AMD product launches.
Bug wise the Ryzen 3000 series launch has been pretty clean. There aren't any big bugs left to squash. I'd say just wait for the change log. Most likely it's a bunch of small refinements and maybe a new feature or two. I'm definitely not against free extras.

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Sounds smelly. Maybe better not install those "patches". Could be they were ordered to copy Intel's security protocols. You know, that "Swiss Cheese" of security holes that Intel has. Are they adding the same crap to AMD CPUs now?