AMD says it's exploring adding Ryzen 5000 support on 300-series motherboards


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My guess is that they would prefer the ones with 300 series motherboards to upgrade their CPU, rather than having them switch to Intel entirely.
I'd say because there are virtually no new 300-series boards on sale any more. Therefore AMD can offer 5000-series support since there is also almost zero possibility that new systems would contain that combo. In other words, those who put 5000-series on 300-series board probably know what they are doing. And do it on their own risk since 300-series boards unlikely have any warranty left.


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The two reasons for this move are stiff competition by Alder Lake and a marketing stunt. Still, I really hope this happens so AMD can reputably say they indeed in the end kept their promise - and maybe even some customers are going to benefit from this. I would definitely like to know how many people currently use a 300 series motherboard. I guess it's a significant number in the end, though the first generation Ryzens didn't sell as much as the later ones.

It's a big day when someone upgrades from, let's say, R5 1600 to R7 5800X3D on a 300 series board. :O

I still use a B350 board and I'd imagine many others do as well. I'm actually fascinated that anyone would assume the majority swap out mobos every couple generations. When I create a new build I do so for the long haul. A user builds to their needs. Those needs don't tend to change drastically year to year. The R7 5800X3D would make very little difference over my R7 1700x in my day-to-day tasks. Someone could upgrade my rig in secret and I wouldn't even know until I run the occasional benchmark.

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Why bother at this stage? The ship has long sailed. I wouldn't even want to use a 5000 series on my X370.
Yes. Also lot of those 1st generation B350 boards had atrocious VRMs, and very rudimentary BIOS features.

Seems like false economy to me, given that you can pick up a new B550 board for around the cost of a decent CPU cooler.