AMD to Nvidia: "prove it, don't just say it"


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Do it ! *
I'm a great believer in the adage "a fool and their money are soon parted" *, and just think of the double dipping business you can get later in the year with RMA swap-outs and eventual upgrading when the driver support dries up.

*I would do the same myself except that most of my builds and upgrades are for friends and friends of friends. But if someone if hellbent on throwing their money down the pan then I don't stand in the way of their dream. I do however show them my sole remaining 8800Ultra with it's invoice for $1400 (about $US 800 at the time I think) as a sober reminder of how quickly a shiny new card can become a curio.

BTW: I would say to anyone who is looking for some kind of definitive answer to this gordion knot of an argument to read the Hardware Heaven review (or at least look at the pictures/graphs). It encapsulates the range of benchmarks that can arise depending upon architecture and/or GPU performance when a manufacturer plays a prominent role in the games development.
The games for the most part are all new release (tons of driver fun), and includes multi-monitor benchmarking.


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Both the cards are almost equally fast.I hope this statement makes both AMD and NVIDIA happy. :)