AMD XConnect makes using an external graphics card way easier


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If I was going to be tethered to a desk and part of the laptop would become functional useless, then why would I do this? It is difficult to game with the control interface of a laptop already so I would buy a mouse, then the screen is always tiny and in most cases you can't use the laptop screen with an external graphics card. So I would need another screen. The keyboards are tiny and usually not mechanical, so we replace that. Or instead I could just have a cheap laptop and a gaming computer. Who are gaming laptops aimed at? How shitty is your significant other that you are not allowed to have a computer desk? How exactly do you suppose a person who likes to game already would switch to something that consistently overheats?

Why would people like this product?

I have this setup. I use a Lenovo Yoga 920. I leave the wireless mouse always connected to the pc, but when I take it to my desk, my egpu, monitor, naga, and speakers are all connected via one connection. The performance boost over the integrated intel card is outstanding, providing me something similar to a desktop level 1070 on a laptop that I can then unplug and take with me to work, or the park, or a coffee shop. The yoga has a stylus and 4k screen itself. I can flip it over into a tablet, and use an android emulator I installed on it to run Android apps and games on a screen that's 6x the size of my phone, with touch control.

If you want to haul your gaming desktop, monitor, peripherals and stylus input with you and set it up just to be productive, have at it. This setup > my previous desktop and gaming laptop setups bigtime. Some adults don't just focus on gaming and having the best specs so you never see the light of day or go outside. We like to be productive and go places too.