AMD64 3000+ running EXTREMELY hot!

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Apr 4, 2006
  1. I just bought a 3000+ AMD 64, and its runnin at 126 degrees C. Im going to shut it off now, but I was just wondering what could be causing this? My heatsync is on just fine and it has that pad on the bottom of it!....Please help
  2. Acidwinter

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    me again

    Well the Cpu temp programs I use both say 126 degrees C, but when I restart the computer and go into the bios real quick, it says 52 degrees C. Are these programs reliable? Or is something wrong? The fan is working fine, and the heat sync is on really really tight like it should be. It even has a thermal pad (I know they aren't the best, but I didnt have any artic stuff on me). Are these programs not reliable? Or could my computer really be THAT hot idling in windows?
  3. Didou

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    It seems to be a temp misreading as the system would shut down, were such a temp factualy reached. Maybe the software you use doesn't properly support your motherboard. Which software is it & which motherboard do you have ?
  4. Acidwinter

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    It is a Chaintech Summit series, Socket 939 S1689 ULi M1689. I was on a bit of a budget so I sprung for the cheapest motherboard that supports Dual Channel. So im not sure if it was only $60 because it was AGP and AGP fading faster and faster, or because it was just a cheap bored altogether
  5. bushwhacker

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    open up that PC again and reseat the CPU and make sure the Heatsink clip facing toward the PSU, not chipset or video card.

    AND you didnt say you plugged the heatsink with fan to motherboard, please check it!
  6. Acidwinter

    Acidwinter TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    Yes, the fan is plugged in, and Its in the only way it can fit in, because the heatsink clips only fit in one way. I figured out it was the programs, because even if I quickly restart it to check the temp in the bios after playing Bf2 for 30min on MAX settings, the CPU is still at 52 degrees or so idle. Im still worried, 52 idle seems high. Would Artic silver help any? I heard AMD's heatsink/fans are decent. Everything runs fine and there has been no restarts, so if its safe enough to use it for casual gaming, then I will probably just wait for now...

    Oh....this isn't too important because my computer runs fine the way it is...but if anyone could help out it would be appreciated...

    My ram is 3200, 400mhz ram, but it only runs at 333 paired with a amd64 Venice 3000+ CPU. I dont think there is a way to change it higher in the bios, but then again I haven't been poking around the bios too much.... I have 3 sticks...1 1gb stick and 2 512mb sticks. All the SAME ram, same brand, speed etc.....

    One more thing....

    I downloaded an updated bios for my mobo, it came as a bin what?
  7. SOcRatEs

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    How fresh is this bios update? Does it address your issue?

    You'll need a formatted bootable floppy and the flash utiliy.
    Be sure the utility and the bin file are on the floppy.
    Write down the bin file name, (12345.bin) you'll need it during the bios update.

    Boot to the floppy, when you get to the A:\ , type in the name of the flash utility ie; "name of flash.exe" (no quotes) when prompted type the name of the bin file "12345.bin" (no quotes).
    Follow all directions of the flash utility.
    Be very careful, when flashing the bios, while it is updating do not turn system off!

  8. mscott00

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    make sure the layer of thermal goop is really thin, and make absolute sure that it seats level. I doubt the bios needs an updating, but if you've got it then do it.
  9. KingCody

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    on an socket939 Athlon64, the dual channel memory controller is built onto the CPU, not on the mobo.

    I have a socket939 3000+ Venice E3, my CPU runs at 28C idle, and about 32C under load, and that's with the stock air cooler. (i tossed that rubbish thermal pad and used AS5, just drop a BB sized amount dead center of the CPU heat spreader and clamp the HSF down, the clamp force will spread the AS5 out where it needs to go)

    BTW... My temp readings that i referenced above were obtained using MM5, i also have a thermal probe under the HSF touching the side of the CPU's heat spreader which reads exactly 1C higher than MM5.
  10. Per Hansson

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    Did the thermal pad have a protecitve film over it? If so did you remove it? :p

    It can take some time for a thermal pad to settle in, during that time the CPU will run hot...

    And also your temp sensor could just be wrongly calibrated, would case the same "problem"
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