An ideal world: Seperate audio between TV and speakers

By taffia77
Jan 24, 2006
  1. Is it possible? Basically I play video from my PC through my TV-out card using dualview settings. What I would like is for the TV to just have the audio from Mediaplayer or PowerDVD - whatever I'm using - and the computer to have it's own system sounds etc. I know I could be asking too much, but I can't get my head around what I would need to do to get this to happen. Can I alter settings in the players - or would I need additional software?
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    first, tell us how is your audio set up/connected to at the moment? eg- pc speakers, home theatre, tv etc.

    and correct me if i'm wrong, so you want to play the movie on the tv without the system sounds going off from the tv or something? or muting them/sending it to another speaker?
  3. taffia77

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    I've got my desktop speakers connected to the line-out jack and I've "forced" my line-in socket to also become line-out through my sound driver. That all works fine as if I do a 4 channel audio test everything works as it should.
    What I can't work out is how to set it up so I've got two separate sets of two channel speakers.
    And yeah, to clarify I want the movie to play as normal without getting bongs and bleeps that come through the TV and pierce my eardrums! But I do want to hear the bongs and bleeps through my desktop speakers if something happens.

  4. N3051M

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    ok.. two options available for you: disable system sounds altogether (control pannel>sounds and multimedia [or sounds and audio devices]>Sounds tab>Sound scheme>no sound) and/or their respective programs eg msn messenger etc or install another soundcard (which i assume you are using your onboard sound?) and changeing the

    My experiences are that running two sound cards (or in my case a logitech usb headset and onboard sound) you would create a shortcut for the sound properties on the desktop and just switch what sounds go where

    eg: my sis wanted to listen to music and i want to watch tv.
    solution: open up sound properties, set it to the onboard sound (going to speakers), click apply, open up itunes, back to properties, change it to the logitech usb headset, hit ok, open up the tv prog and walla...

    it seems that programs would load the first sound driver it needs and doesnt change it 'on the fly' (i could be wrong) but yes, it does seem cumbersome but that scenario rarly happens so i havent realy researched more into it..

    other opinions welcome though,
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