An issue with my power supply on my laptop

By Jeppo
Aug 23, 2010
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  1. Hey guys...

    I have an ASUS G71G-Q2 Laptop, and recently I have been having some major problems with my power supply when the laptop is running..

    Basically, I have no problem charging it when it is off, and about 60% of the time I'm using it there doesn't seem to be too much of a problem...
    However, for that other 40%, while my power cord is plugged in the laptop keeps switching from Battery Mode to AC Mode ever 2-3 seconds, and eventually stops recognising the power supply all together...
    Also, when I fiddle with the nose of the power supply in the laptop, I find that its searing hot - so much so that it has burnt my fingers quite a few times....

    This is a pretty major problem for me because everytime the laptop switches power supplys, the entire screen freezes for about 1/2 a second - and as you can imagine when this is happening every 2-3 seconds its fairly infuriating (a few pens have gone flying heh)

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this / a solution?
  2. B00kWyrm

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    I believe there are two primary possibilities here...

    1. A defective socket - or other issue with the AC Power Supply. (Eg transient open in the cord) Either would cause "high resistance" in the line and might result in the heat you are experiencing.)

    or (Less likely) 2. The battery is bad. (This could cause a high current from the power supply as it is essentially trying to charge a battery with an internal short - again resulting in heat.). (I think this is not likely; since you say it charges fine.)

    Since this is a "high end" machine (or was when it debuted), and since it is relatively new, you might want to check whether warranty is still in force, and whether a warranty repair may be possible.

    Otherwise, I would consider swapping PSU (~$65), Battery (~$90), or both.
    Of course, if it is the socket itself that is bad, swapping either or both (PSU / Battery) will not help. Hence, a physical evaluation by a service tech may be the best first option. (~$50? 100? or more?) But a bad socket, on a machine only about a year old (?) I would be inclined to push for warranty repair on this kind of hardware issue.

    Someone else may weigh in with a different POV.


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