Analyze this minidump please

By onzfeat
Aug 18, 2009
  1. B00kWyrm

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    Your crashes occur while playing World of Warcraft?

    Is your video card supported by your software?

    You may find it helpful to try updating, (or rolling back) your video drivers.

    Your hard drive may be fragmented, and need to be optimized. (I saw one user report that defragging solved his issue).
    The dumps are saying that it is a driver or hardware issue... One was 0xA, and the other was 0x7E (c0000005).
    RE: 0xA
    Re: 0x7E (c0000005).see here for another user with similar issues...
    For this user a BIOS Update was required.

    While Memory Corruption was not cited in the WinDbg report of your dumps,
    you might consider running memcheck as others cases of 0x7e sometimes seem to resolve to this too.

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