Anatomy of a Gamepad


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Xbox 360’s controller is the best I’ve ever used.

Xbox One’s was cheaply made and I went through several.

PlayStation 2’s controller was better than PS3.


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I had the pleasure of having my controller break so I got to know the insides and how it works. Still haven't fixed it tho.


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I'm trying to determine which controller works best for Racing Sims. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Until I can get a wheel setup, I'm on the quest to find which controller I like best. I'm currently using a Logitech F310 and I love the triggers, which are a spring-loaded and a bit on the stiff side, which I like better as it gives better control for throttle/brake. There's also good range of travel. The joysticks are also pretty decent and I'd be happy to know if something better exists. The only thing it's missing is the vibration and I'm thinking of trying out the F710 unless something better exists.