Android 5.0 Lollipop is finally on the map with 1.6% adoption

Himanshu Arora

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Google has updated its Android platform versions page, and the good news is that Android 5.0 Lollipop, the company's latest version of the mobile operating system, is finally on the official radar -- as of February 2, around 1.6 percent...

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About 1.5 years ago, there was 5 of us in our family with nexus 4's. Since then, we all have got different phones except my mother. Finally 1 week ago, Lollipop came out for it.
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It is worth noting that the data shared by Google reflects devices running the latest Google Play Store app
Just a reminder that this excludes devices based on AOSP that don't access Google services, like Amazon tablets and a huge share of the asian market.


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So does this mean Eclair & Froyo users can expect an upgrade to Lollipop in the very near future to help bolster the numbers? ;)


My iPad 2 from 2011, was just updated to the latest iOS release a few days ago. Just sayin'.


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My nexus 5 recently updated to the latest version whatever its called

my voice recognition lady has changed from the British voice to the American and there appears to be no way of changing it back

I am very very annoyed. I want to roll back but I fear thats not easily possible :(


I normally get told of updates available through my wifi at home.
For lollipop 5.0 it was only offered to me as an update when I ran Samsung Kies.
I own the S5...