Android malware steals data, records audio via PC microphone


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Two newly-discovered Android apps found on Google Play were designed to spy on their users, claim security experts at Kaspersky. The apps, SuperClean and DroidCleaner, posed as innocuous Android clean-up utilities; however, each app could quietly copy photos, contacts and...

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Correct me if I am wrong, but dont the develpoers have to register some form of DBA or personal information when a App is submitted to Android for concideration on the Google market? If so it seems Google needs to go after the creaters of the malware. Moble devices are more and more intergrated into our fast paced lives. Even more so then the personal computer. These types of Apps are going to cause a lot of ppl problems and Google will be at the heart of the problem. Perhaps They need better screening practices for their own apps.


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I completely agree. Its googles fault for not looking into the apps that they are letting there customers purchase and download. I pretty sure google has the source code and they have to look at it before anything, and if they do, THEN WTF GOOGLE.