Android phones can be hacked with a text, security firm says

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Jul 27, 2015
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  1. A security research company has found what it's calling "the mother of all Android vulnerabilities" - a flaw in the popular mobile operating system that could give hackers access to millions of users' personal data.

    The flaw was uncovered by the security firm Zimperium, which says it exists in the media playback tool built into Android called Stagefright. As CNET explains, malicious hackers could take advantage of it by sending a text message containing malware to an Android device; once received by the smartphone, it would give them complete control over the handset and allow them to steal anything on it, such as credit card numbers or personal information.

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  2. sadman3

    sadman3 TS Enthusiast Posts: 126

    Then we really need to be safe. One way to be safe is to use vpn when connecting to the internet. Hackers are all around the globe looking for someone to be their prey and take some benefits for their own. We need to be extra careful with what we don on the web.
  3. ProjectAlice

    ProjectAlice TS Rookie

    I saw something like this before, but for iPhone, not Android *shrugs*
  4. sadman3

    sadman3 TS Enthusiast Posts: 126

    It is very easy to use virus as a form of SMS that is why people need to have an app that would be helpful to them to determine if they are affected or not or even restrain other people to see their device or connect with them. Lots of things to be made, just need to decide on how to protect yourself.
  5. jobeard

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    Not all Internet issues are solved using a VPN.
    The VPN will ensure there's no man-in-the-middle of the connection AND that the sender and receiver are known to each other (using certificates). That's all a VPN is capable of providing.

    However, even between known and trusted endpoints, there are multiple means to send data that implements "a hack" - - aka this kind of threat. Whenever the data received is used without verification, all bets are off and the roof comes crashing down upon us.
  6. JamesandBennie

    JamesandBennie TS Booster Posts: 170   +14

    Yeah, this is an issue for iOS too. Android phone's are superior if you know what you're doing, but if you're only going to use Google search and make phone calls, I can see why people would prefer iOS.
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