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Apr 27, 2003
  1. i have win xp and geforce 4 ti4600.if i try to play an online game of cs,the screen gets stuck just before the level is about to load,i mean i get connected to own servers blah blah blah but level doesnt if i run it in software mode,then no problems.weird thing is,after having run it in software mode,SOMETIMES it works in opengl mode again,but not always,this is a very random problem.same prob with direct3d too.this crap never happened in win 98,even though i run it in win 98 compatibility mode.i have latest detonator drivers 43.45 this problem is annoying and sux.consequently the "hl.exe" program stays resident in memory ,and i have to use task manager to shut it down( again software mode doesnt give this problem either,but software mode looks so damn ugly).reinstallation of everything (half life and counterstrike and graphics driver)doesnt seem to help.please help.
  2. Arris

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    Under your device manager do you have any conflicts/sharing with the video card and network card?
  3. sham

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  4. sham

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    consequently i just got counter strike 1.6 beta,and that gives no problems,apart from the fact that there really arent any very low ping servers,but thats cos its cs 1.6 beta
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    You might try rolling back your drivers, because sometimes the newest ones are the optimal drivers for EVERY computer. Give this a shot, and let us know how it turns out.
  6. sham

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    ok... the first roll back went back to the age old 29.xx drivres,which just gave a big fat "opengl mode not supported" error message,but that was to be expected since its sooo old.then i tried the 41.something drivers,which gave pretty much teh same problem.i could try with other older drivers,nut im not sure i can be bothered,ill just stick to cs1.6.i did uninstall the old drivers first. btw, when is cs 1.6 going to be officially released?


    All You Have To Do Is Click "run In Window" Option. Then You Can Change To The Video Option You Want. Then Uncheck Run In Window At The Video Options Screen!
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