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Another computer can't find my slave drive?

By dreck ยท 9 replies
Jul 20, 2005
  1. I had a 160gig Western Digital as slave in a computer with windows XP professional.
    I wanted to place this drive in as slave on another computer with windows 2000 professional.
    Upon placing the drive in windows 2000 found the drive & installed.
    *Please reboot*
    After rebooting the drive doesn't show up in "My Computer" or "Disk Management".
    But if I goto "Device Manager" the drive shows up & says it is working properly?
    The drive is "NTFS" format.

    Any help or ideas would be great!

  2. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    Hm, mmMm, Hm

    Ok, we know that various MB's have BIOS limitations on Hard Drive Size. I just came across this problem, I had an 80 GB drive that was going into an Old PC CHIPS P-III MB. The PC CHIPS MB had a BIOS Limitation of 40 GB, and well, I could have used my RAID card, but this was a PC CHIPS MB with only ONE (1) extra PCI Slot and this was being used by a Modem, that could not be removed.

    Ultimately, we had to go down to the closest PC store and buy a USB box, that in this way the unit was detected.

    Now the thing you want to ask, this system, where you are SLAVING the drive? Does it have a BIOS Limitation, and I want to ask outright, to anyone, is there a BIOS Limitation of 120 GB on any Motherboards that they know about?

    It is entirely possible that the board you are slaving to, has a limitation.

    NEXT, if this is not the case, I have found out, that some hard drive combos SIMPLY do not work together

    I had a 10 GB Maxtor and a 40 GB WD. The 10 GB Maxtor was the master, I was trying to copy the drive with fartition magic. Well, I could set up the PC with the WD as master and the Maxtor as Slave, but the computer would absolutely NOT detect the WD drive when the Maxtor was set as master. So, ultimately, I had to use the USB trick again.

    If you are not sure, set your 160 GB Drive as MASTER, and set it in your friends PC as MASTER and ONLY drive. See if it detects.

    Then, set your friends master drive as SLAVE drive and put it on the bus- Then see if it detects in the BIOS. I mnean, do NOT rely on the BIOS automatically detecting the drives, SET THEM MANUALLY.

    I had an MSI MS-6301 MB, and I had to det up the IDE each time I changed drives, and THAT board was Not too old, only 5 years maybe.

    So: It all depends on the reason why you are doing the slaving, if you are to COPY the whole drive, then you have to get both drives to detect in the BIOS before the PC boots, thne, when it boots, use Disk Manager to see if there is a drive letter assigned, assuming, that your friend is using Win2000 or XP and your drive detects on the MB

    If the purpose of the slaving is NOT too critical, then buy a cheap USB box, set your drive up as master, and then hook it to the guys USB after his system fires up.

    But remember what I said about finding out IF the drives are both detecting IN THE BIOS when you put your drive in - The only way to really find out is to go INTO BIOS after the PC starts- Check the IDE Buses.

    If these drivces are SATA, ell, it is still the same thing, make sure that the drive (Your 160 drive) detects on the bus that you have it on. And, find out if there is a BIOS limitation on HD's and what it is- Most makers of compuker parts are NOT forthcoming with information like that, so you kinda hafta dig for it.
  3. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    However, you say, the drive IS being found on the MB, and it IS showing up in DEVICE manager.

    I think you MAY have something like EZ-BIOS on that drive.. Do you have Partition Magic?

    If you had partition magic, you could SEE if your "slave drive" partition is a Non-Dos partition. I think this is possibly what is going on... You MAY have converted your drive to "Dynamic Disk" on the XP machine Hold on a sec...
  4. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    If you have done this, even by accident...

    OK - THIS is what I am talking about:


    ...I do not know of any way of reversing it. There may be a way to "Undo it" in ****, er, Disk (ehe) Manager on your XP machine.
  5. dreck

    dreck Topic Starter

    MY drive is "NTFS" & Dynamic...
    I know this from the first pc.

    The bios "Phoenix bios" 2/12/99
    Primary Master = MDT MD800JB-00CRA1-(PM)
    Secondary Master = ARTEC WRR-52X-(SM)

    I don't think their is a bios limit for hdd? If my memory serves me right I have had a slave in this computer before? Also, the master is a 80gig... well over a 40gig limit?
  6. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    "Convert to Dynamic" = Needs to be removed big time

    "MY drive is "NTFS" & Dynamic..."

    YEP! That is why... Put your drive back in the original PC, and see if you can undo that Dynamic thing: THIS is why it will not read in 2000. If you were moving from Xp to XP, it would see it.

    The solution: You will have to "borrow" or buy a drive of equal size, make it NON dynamic NTFS, copy all your data over, and then re-format and partition the oroginal slave-drive to JUST be NTFS with no other horse poo, dynamic or otherwise.

    Did you use XP to create the partition? Big mistake - Never use XP to create partitions, always use the utility that comes with the drive, be it WD, Maxtor, Seagate- If your drive did not come with the disk, you can download the proper utility from each of those manufacturer websites.

    I use Fartition Magic 8.0 - It has literally saved my life dozens of times.

    I also wrote Symantec/Notron a BIG "F-U" letter telling them to STOP buying all these GOOD software utilities and making it so I have to install a whole bunch of Norton BS just to use something that was, originally, a very useful, and SMALL, Ulitily program.

    If you need Partition Magic 8 PM me, and I'll see what I can do- I have used PM 8 to make FAT32 fartitions of up to 160 GB! And they work on other PC's too.


    Look, I just remembered, I used to have, well, you see those 3 hard drives in the images? I had bought new drives for each of them. It turned out that "Memory-Beta" was a dynamic Disk! It was a 40 GB drive and it was full to the brim. It cause me severe problems including the LOSS of all my data, and I am talking about 40 GB of my personal music, which I am not too fond of losing 40 GB of. And it was all caused by that damn Dynamic Drive thing. Well, somehow, I was able to repair the partition, this was actually one time when SCANDISK actually did something, it fixed the drive, and that was the first time in my life I had ever seen that dynamic disk poopoo-ola. It was also the LAST time. The only thing I remember was that this was also the only time in my life that I had ever let XP set up my disk "automatically" after I had put a new disk in my PC. Ever since, I have used Partition Magic. So, I would suggest, and urge you highly with all honesty, buy another 160 drive, use a different utility to partition it, and copy anything important from that slave drive onto it. Unless someone else knows how to convert that damned dynamic fartition back to regulat NTFS. See, Dynamic Disk is JUST like using EZ-BIOS, remember that utlility for WD drives that were too big to the motherboards back in 1998 or so? It was a special way or rigging the drives to work under a 1-gig bios limit. Then later, motherboards came out that were not so limited in hard drive size, and the thing about EZ-BIOS was that you could remove it. puke:
  7. dreck

    dreck Topic Starter

    hmmm... I wondered if that was the problem? I will try to change it from dynamic back to pain NTFS, but if I can't guess I will be transfering the data to another drive. It is a very good thing the drive is new & I only have about 30gigs on the drive. :)
    But I still don't look forware to transfering that much data...

    Thanks for all your help & I will let you know how it turns out.

  8. dreck

    dreck Topic Starter


    I transfered the data to another disk over the night. Reformat the drive with "Data Lifeguard Tools", the software that came with the drive.
    Put the drive back in the computer with windows 2000 pro and it ask to reboot after installing (auto install).
    No drive in "My Computer" or "Logical Drives".
    grrr... hehe
    Computers can nevr be easy! :)

    I am think that the drive in the win2000 machine is not allow the new slave to be seen right.
    I am going to try another drive in the machine & see what happins.
  9. dreck

    dreck Topic Starter

    Ok, I think I have found my problem.
    I took the 80gig Magnetic Data Technologies in placed it in my Soyo SY-K7VEMPRO AMD 1800+.
    Which I wouldn't recommend this MB to anyone... I have had troubles after troubles. I will never buy Soyo again.
    But anyway.. this machine has run good for the past year with a 60gig maxtor.

    The 80gig was fine in the old AMD 333mhz with windows 2000 pro but wouldn't find my slave.
    So when I put the 80gig in the Soyo it boot up fine & bios finds the drive... But windows xp pro setup disk starts but soon after blacks out.. nothing!
    Won't boot to cd for anything.

    I put the 60gig back in the Soyo & the 80gig as slave... The pc gets error when trying to boot to the drive. :(

    I believe it is the 80gig drive causing all my troubles!?!

    What do you think?
  10. XweAponX

    XweAponX TS Rookie

    My Ghod what a bunch of grief!

    So, it looks like the drives were incompatible after all...

    "Soyo SY-K7VEMPRO AMD 1800+"

    I have encountered one Soyo MB in my life... I think they are ECS, meaning POS!

    The point is there is NO reason why the 80 gig drive is not being seen, you did everything right, and now it seems that I was wrong about the dymaic disk and backwards compatibility of Win2000

    Remember, I said that some drives can not be combined with other drives? It happens... I have a 10 GB drive from an HP system, and it cannot be in on the same bus as a WD drive... when the WD drive is a slave. But when the WD drive is master, it sees both!

    Go figure... Also, your MB may simply be bad: I had a Tyan Tiger dual P-III 600MHz EB... bitchin MB and I was using it for Pro Tools...

    Well, Pro tools requires an A driv e to install some plugins, and the floppy frive controller went OUT. Probably because we had two Gadgetlabs Wave/824 Analogue/Digital Interfaces installed as well was the card for the Digi-oo1. Welp, there was nothing we could do, the system simply would NOT detect the floppy disk drive.

    It's why I always go MSI/AMD/Kingston/eVGA(NVidia)/WD and MSI for DVD, if not I get Aopen, which is Ricoh: NOT cos these companies indiviually are such hot talames, but simply for the reason that I have made about 20 PC's in the last year using a certain config, as close to being the same for each PC: 2 Ghz AMD's, 512 Ram, 128 Nvidia, 80 GB WD's and 16x DL DVD burners. Always SONY floppy sick drives, or, sony USB floppy drives, and there even is a certain brand KVM switch, USB 2.0 card and even getting down to the BRAND name of all my cables! I stick with what works, cos I am not being innovative, I save that for my own PC, I get the fastest ****e every 3 years or so, and I'm due again, due for an AMD 64.

    See, I do this cos there is always a constant supply for when parts go bad, I can get a replacement, and they usually have not stopped making what I need, like for instance, the Semprons work well on the Socket A MB.

    I started out with KM2M's, then KM3M's then KM4M and we are up to the KM4M-V which kicks ****, I have one in my little midget PC, and I shoved my old Athlon T-Bird CPU onto the slot and it runs much faster than it did when I had it on the A-Bit MB.

    So, I don't know, trade tha damn HD in for a seagate, or the Soyo MB for an MSI. I wasn't trying to encourage you to spend More money, but if you have to, get something that is rock solid.

    Gigabyte: I heard that those were good.

    I have MSI and Foxxconn, and I hated the Foxxconn MB when I got it, but now, I like it. I know what I can do with it now (other than throw it away I mean, haha)
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