another half-life 2 startup problem, plz help!

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Oct 7, 2005
  1. hey, i just got a new video card on one of my lower performance computers so i could play half-life 2 on LAN, a BFG nVidia GeForce 6200 overclocked, and i go to play HL2 and go figure it does'nt work! it makes my computer reboot either right after steam is finished getting hl2 ready (just as it actually starts to open the game), or in the fuzzy pic (loading screen) ive re-installed my video drivers, half-life 2 and steam, and nothings changed, the same computer ran half-life 2 before with an ATI radeon 7500, but it was not worth playing at that framerate and graphics settings. (this was a while ago so issues may have come before i changed the video card)

    The specs of this cumputer are:
    BFG GeForce 6200 overclocked
    512 MB ram
    Creative sound blaster live 24-bit
    Pentium III 866 (overclocked to 1.027)
    Asus(sry, i dont know the exact model motherboard or power supply i have, but i think the power supplymight be a tiny bit weak) ive tried resetting the overclock on the CPU, and it also changed nothing, every other game works great though...

    and i know it cant be anything with heat cause i have 3 120mm case fans and an amazing CoolerMaster CPU cooler.

    any help would be much appreciated, as i have no idea what to do anymore :(
  2. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    try removing the overclock on the graphics card and reverting back to the original settings...
  3. FlatLine

    FlatLine TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, i was'nt specific enough about that part, overclocked is actually in the model name, its not a regular 6200, its made by BFG but with a nVidia GPU, the GPU is manufacturer overclocked, running at 375 MHz instead of 350, and has 256 MB video ram instead of 128. this is it

    so if i have to change the overclock, i dont know where to do it :S
  4. Beelzebub123

    Beelzebub123 TS Rookie

  5. blue_dragon

    blue_dragon TS Rookie Posts: 190

    dude u shouldnt be running games sych as half life 2 on a p3

    get a descentt pc
    a p4
    at least 2 gigs
    and u dont tell us what ram speed it is
  6. Newtroll

    Newtroll TS Rookie

    hey i have the same freaking problem with the same card

    yea so i just got that same card and half life 2 worked perfectly fine before... so i have no ideah what is wrong i know its not my computer it must be the card.. if anyone knows what i can do without having to get another card that would be awsome!!
  7. mailpup

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    Flatline, I think at least part of the problem is your CPU doesn't meet the minimum specs for HL2. The minimum is 1.2GHz with a recommended 2.4GHz.
  8. Newtroll

    Newtroll TS Rookie

    nope sorry

    no i have a amd athlon 2.21GHZ it is the card i swear
  9. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    My comment was to Flatline, the originator of this thread.

    Newtroll, you should state what problem you are having. You say it was working fine before but you don't say anything about what it's doing now. We need details. Also, you should post the rest of your system specs. It might help to diagnose the problem.
  10. Jenser

    Jenser TS Rookie

    The same problem with Geforce 6200 (256mb DRR version)

    Hi, I'm pretty new to this forum but I'm in urgent need of assistance...sadly enough.

    Well here's my story anyhow:
    Three days ago I bought this new graphics card, because my old one was a Radeon 9200SE which only supported directx 8.1. Now with my new Geforce 6200 256mb DDR, which supports directx 9.0, HL2 and all source games (css, DoDs) won't work anymore! Everytime I try to start up one of these games via steam, my computer reboots at the "loading" screen or even before that. I was able to run HL2 and the other source games before with the rad9200 card, but the framerate was a bit choppy, hence the sudden change of graphics card.

    You can understand I feel ripped off because I payed for a new card which is supposed to run these games without any problems (well, maybe not with all settings on "high" anyways but still). I tried different driver version by Nvidia but still it does the same odd reboot thing. I even tried some of the things mentioned on the steam forums, like adding the "-window" parameter to the launch settings of the game, but no such luck. The problem must lie with the new graphics card because HL2 and all source games actually ran with the older and slower directx 8.1 card.

    (edit: oh yeah, the card isn't overclocked or anything, just the standard settings with the latest drivers available--> forceware 78.01)

    If anyone can help me I'd be much obliged. My system specs are:

    AMD AthlonXP 2800+
    768DDR RAM
    WinXP with Service Pack 1
    Geforce 6200 256mb DDR by XfX
    The rest well, I don't have the slightest clue, sorry.
  11. Newtroll

    Newtroll TS Rookie

    yup EXACT same problem

    yea halfe life 2 worked fine with my other card, you just explaned the same problem im having and noone seems to hae a soulution,,, it sucks.... im about to return the card.... i hope i find a way out, if so ill post it..
  12. bigwig

    bigwig TS Rookie

    i dont know what ur talking bout with the 2 gig p4, i run the game with all graphic and audio settings high, no framerate problems, on a celeron D 2.53 ghz 1 gig ram, ati radeon 9200 SE, asus p4p800s-x, just bought it about a month ago for about $400 (pieced together, not prebuilt, and i already had a dvd drive($150 sony) and hd ($100) and vid card($100) from a previous computer). But anyways, Flatline id say that the game just has compatability issues with your card model. Don't quote me on this, but im pretty sure Valve recommends ATI video cards for hl2, if im remembering an article i read in pc gamer properly. For anyone having similar problems on Nvidia cards, its probably compatibility issues. Prince of Persia had a similar issue only vice versa with ATI cards.
  13. Jenser

    Jenser TS Rookie

    problem is I can't return the card, bought a pci-e card before and didn't know I had no pci-e slot,so I did return that one (it was an ATI x550) so the store will most definetly NOT take this one back..since they already were kind enough to take the first one back (which wasn't used)
    Anyway, on the back of the hl2 box it just says "directx 7.0 3d card required" and there are also links to the most common 3d card manufacturers like ATI, Nvidia, ...
    So it SHOULD work, I'm sorry but I still feel screwed over (by valve most likely) since there is nothing mentioned about compatibility issues, only that nvidia cards have a slightly lower framerate in HL2 and all source games then Ati cards.

    The problem still stands however, my card won't run hl2 and DoD (which I bought like 2 weeks ago!). Again, I bought this card jsut to get a bit better performance in ALL directx 9.0 supported games..and now it just turns out the games I play the most just won't work anymore.

    So if anyone has any solution (and no, I will not pay another bundle of cash for another card) I'd be much obliged.
  14. Newtroll

    Newtroll TS Rookie

    well i took it

    yeah guys i went and took it back today, i really dont think there is goign to be anything to solve the proble,,, im just going to half to buy me a better card.. goodluck to you guys
  15. bigwig

    bigwig TS Rookie

    the sad truth is there will always be glitches, loopholes, and compatibility issues. I feel sorry for anyone who has bought this card not knowing about this issue, but the only thing i could suggest is seeing if theres a way to inform valve about this problem and seeing if maybe theyll make a fix for it
  16. Spikyalex

    Spikyalex TS Rookie


    I had the same problem as been mentioned previously, the new NVIDIA drivers (81.95) have fixed the issue, all source games now run perfectly!
  17. vcsniper556

    vcsniper556 TS Rookie


    I also have the same problem with the 6200oc. My comp would reset when starting up CS-source and DOD source. Its the vid cards fault and only the cards. I installed the update from nvidia and CS-S runs fine now, but my CS-1.6 and Guild wars now have problems and crash. So if i want to play cs-source i update to newest driver. If i want to play cs-1.6 or guild wars, i uninstall new driver, and install old driver that came with video card. Also this vid card blows, half my other games that worked on my 8 meg vid card i got with my computer in 1999, have graphic problems with my new 6200 card. In Janes USAF a flight sim, my sky is all messed up. In AVP2 the charaters in the game shutter, in Nascar 2002 the car shutters. Again all these games worked fine, just lagged a little with my original 8 meg vid card. WTF i cant bring my 6200oc back cause i bought it in July and it can only be brought back with in 21 days. I am calling nvidia and compaining. I hate this waste of money.
  18. Spikyalex

    Spikyalex TS Rookie

    Guild Wars

    I have got guild wars, are you getting blocky textures on the ground?
  19. vcsniper556

    vcsniper556 TS Rookie

    no not blocky, in the main screen, the characters shutter and turn red when you select them. Then I go to a city and every character shutters red, and then if freezes.
  20. vcsniper556

    vcsniper556 TS Rookie

    I also love the BFG tech 24/7 tech support. I waited on hold for first and hour, then later an hour and a half and still no-one picked up. Cant even contact them.
  21. Spikyalex

    Spikyalex TS Rookie

    Well i just got a problem with ground textures. If you have no luck with BFG tech support phone line then try e-mailing them at
  22. vcsniper556

    vcsniper556 TS Rookie

    ya did that and email returned in 2 weeks with no help at all. **** i all ready knew.
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