Another instance of iexplore, but from the same folder as original

By appus
Feb 6, 2008
  1. Hi friends

    i have read in one post about multiple iexplore instances. My problem is also looks same as i have another instance of iexplore.exe running all the time. I have checked using hijackthis, and found it is also from same program files\internet explorer. Both were different in looks (one in CAPS and other one in small), and i searched for the different ones in that folder, but i couldnt find it !

    And the system getting hung so often after this. sometime when i have two instances in one iexplorer window, memory goes even near to 96000k !! so i feel something fishy.

    Can you guys check my Hjt log and tell me what should i do please? i have run spydoctor pc tools, but nothing found. i am using norton 360, and that also couldnt find any stuffs.

    Please help me...

    Thanks for all your support !

  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    A difference, two spellings iexplore

    A week with no response, this deserves a bump.

    It is a guess on my part, that if you post in this forum, you are expected to follow the 15-step Preliminary.

    I have a similar problem, and found your thread. I am not trained in the use of malware removal tools, but I found an on-line tool to analyze HJT logs. Here is the analysis of your submitted log. Read all disclaimers.

    If you still have the problem, I would like to pursue your difference.

    Some of my readings claim that uppercase spelling is caused by a worm (pre-2005 'rbot-ey'). Just as you observe, it is difficult to accept that newer AV programs are unable to detect older infections.

    I participate in several forums, and my current problem is posted elsewhere (it is bad form to push problems @ multiple forums).
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