ANOTHER Internet Explorer Flaw Found

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Jul 7, 2004
  1. You have to be kidding me on? Do they purposefully put these things in, or something....?? More IE problems:

    "Microsoft on Friday released a fix that's designed to protect computers from one of three flaws that, together, could be used to digitally slip past a PC's security through the browser. This weekend, however, a security researcher identified another flaw that could serve the same purpose and that isn't fixed by Microsoft's patch."

    Apparently the fixes by Microsoft only address a part of the problem, and that Microsoft have acknowledged the latest issue and said more fixes would be forthcoming.
  2. Phantasm66

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    Could you shout that a little louder please? I think there were some virus writers and crackers who didn't quite hear the details of this next exploit properly!

    I do stop and wonder what's worse - Microsoft with all of these crap problems with IE or security experts finding the problems and posting instructions on how to re-create them where 13 year olds can find them?!?!
  3. Strakian

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    It's like the News when they do "terror security reports"...

    'if they attacked here we'd all be helpless and crippled for months, all they'd need is a bomb of some sort in location A during the weekday...'

    We're one of the few countries that is too busy telling everyone to be afraid of stuff whilst telling the people who shouldn't know how to take advantage of something they probably never thought about.
  4. Federelli

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    Making a vulnerability even more vulnerable... god.
  5. I don't use IE... but I did want to put a little perspective on this.

    It shouldn't be a shock that IE gets patched for security issues on an extremely regular basis. It is the biggest target. Other browsers benefit from "security through obscurity". It's not worth a hacker's time to write code that takes advantage of a vulnerability in Opera simply because there are so few people using it. All things being equal, IE is likely no more or less a security risk than any other browser. It's just the biggest target.
  6. DigitAlex

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    It's not sufficient. What makes IE a target worth hacking is that it is part of the operating system and it makes it a huge door wide open to access the underlying system. A browser such as Mozilla, Opera or Firefox is not tied to the OS and is not using the same COM objects as those used by the OS...
  7. Didou

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    It has been said allready that IE no longer accounts for 95% of the browser market. Rick had some more recent numbers in this thread (Time to Dump Internet Explorer)

    Those numbers are also skewed in the sense that many times, even though certain browser can display the pages properly, certain sites will display a "toned down" version if the browser identifies as anything other then IE. They tend have to spoof sites into believing that they actually are IE & that can leade to more numbers for IE in the stats.
  8. Phantasm66

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