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Nov 25, 2006
  1. I'm getting B/W screen, like so many others.

    I have a 6600gt and I use a pretty cheap S-video to video composite cable (since my TV has not got a S-video jack).

    What I'm wondering is first: How good a resolution and picture can you get with the composite jack? Would I get a better picture had by TV got a s-video jack?

    I'm thinking about buying a high quality S-Video to composite cable, but if the picture won't improve (this text comes up as quite soft, hard to read), color is not such a big deal.

    Also, if I in the Nvida advanced settings for the TV there's a "select the kind of connector you are using to attach your TV:"-quesition with "S-video out" and "composite video out" as the options. Do they mean the connector on the TV or the one on the graphics card? If I choose the graphics card S-video I get the B/W picture and with the composite out I get no signal. Which is the one that it should be?
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    I to when outputting to TV get an awful colour and fizz on the desktop image, however playing video from media player results in really clear picture, seems a TV doesnt make a great monitor after all.

    By the way Svideo is the 4 pin lead, composite is the RCA type plug, where there is a round plug with a pin in the middle,

    As for the black and white picture see my post here

  3. Jesse_hz

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    First the standard "Welcome to TechSpot!".

    Duvan68, if your TV doesn't have a s-video socket, it most likely doesn't support decoding a s-video signal, so it would be a waste of money going out and buying an expensive s-video cable.

    Also the question in the Nvidia advanced settings has nothing to do with what type of cable you are using to connect the two devices, it's a question of what type signal you want running through the cable, and if your TV doesn't support an s-video signal you'll probably get a black/white image like the one you've described.
  4. Duvan68

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    Okay... if it didn't come across, my computer screen is in color.. I'm trying to show things on my TV, not the other way round. It's the TV screen that's black and white.

    But you mean that I'd need S-video on my TV to get colors?
    How comes they made an S-video to RCA video cable in the first place then?
    I mean, I thought most people didn't have S-video on their TV, but used a scart adapter. That is, going from S-video on graphics card to scart adapter on TV... that is a scart adapter with RCA and/or s-video, eh? I'm of course not using such an adapter, but a cable that's S-video (computer) to composite video RCA (on TV).
    But I can't fix the colors?

    I've also got an old matrix millenium PCI card in my computer. Would it work better if I got a VGA to s-video or something and used the same cable from that graphics card? Or can I even use two graphics card at a time like that?
    The thing is, that there is color before the Nvidia drivers kick in.
  5. Jesse_hz

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    NO! What I meant is that your TV needs to be able to understand an s-video encoded signal. A composite signal can be sent through a s-video cable.

    I don't know why composite wouldn't work, but have you checked whether the TV format (PAL, NTSC, SECAM or whatever...) is set correctly in the Nvidia settings?
  6. Duvan68

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    Yes, I've set it to PAL, which is what we use here.
  7. Duvan68

    Duvan68 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So, in other words... what should I do?

    I've gotten color on the TV by the way, with the same cable, but through a Radeon 9200SE graphics card (s-video port) from another computer.
    But I don't want to change my 6600gt card just yet!
    What about buying a VGA to S-video adapter for my other matrox millenium graphics card?
    Never mind if it works with colors, will it work at all, using the other video card to carry the signal to the TV?
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