Another sound card problem! echo event

By benz925
Jul 4, 2005
  1. I have a custom built pc that my friend put together for me. This also has a sound card problem - The sound stops working after a sound has been played more than a couple of times, and the computer might freeze or restart after a while. I know this is the sound card/driver because the computer works fine when i disable the driver. I meant to use this computer for multimedia so i have an asus motherboard with an external echo event gina 20 sound card.
    I have tried downloading an re-installing the driver but that doesnt work. I'm guessing something must be configured wrongly, or the driver isnt compatible for some reason.
  2. Reynhart

    Reynhart TS Rookie

    Hi benz925,
    i have exactly the same problem than you with a gina 20 and a Asus P5GD2 premium wireless edition Mobo ...;(
    For me , that's not a drivers problem , i have install the Gina with the same drivers on another compute with the same XP pro sp2 and it works fine.
    I think there are a conflict between mobo and the gina and really i don't know how to fix that.
    The more simple is to put the mail i send to echo support ( without any response , not too cool) for explain my problem and all the things i have try to fix it and it will be cool to stay in touch if we find something.
    What is the reference of your Mobo please ?

    My mail to Echo-support :
    Hello Echo, and first sorry for my terrible english, i 'm from France.
    I can't make work my gina 20 with my new config and i've try a lot of things and all your latest drivers 6.11, 6.08, 6.05, so perhaps you can help me.
    the card still work fine on my olds computers, and also with a more recent config with XP pro sp2 installed by me identically to my compute ( brother's computer )with the 6.11 drivers.
    On mine, install is fine with all the drivers versions for W2K/XP and it seems to have no problem on the device manager.
    But i have no sound and chaotic problem with all software calling the asio wdm drivers :
    no sound, or sometimes white noise
    software that crash or not read any audio events
    no output level in the console or sometimes all in the red

    Softs work fine with the cheap sound card integrated with the mobo ( but cheap sound, lot of latency, not a gina ;)

    I've reinstall completely XP ,without the plug&play option in the bios to prevent hardware conflicts, so i don't have any other soundcard (disabled in bios also), no wifi, no lan,no drivers of graphic card, nothing ...

    Gina appear on IRQ 21 without sharing or conflict and it's always the same problem ;(

    So i just describe my config and perhaps you have an idea to something to test, it will be wonderful :

    pentim 640 3.2Ghz
    mobo asus p5GD2 premium (last bios) with chip sound: c-media9880 (same problem with sound chip enabled in bios and not installed)
    GC Gigabyte 6600 GT
    1 Go ddr2 533 corsair select
    hd hitachi S-ATA
    win XP PRO sp2
    Antec sonata (alim 380 w)
    and .. echo Gina 20

    Perhaps my sound card is too old for one of this new components and i have to stop to experienced ? In this case it will be better with a Gina 24 or 3G ?

    Thanks a lot by advance for support me, i'm really out of idea to try.

    Have a good day, and whatever, thanks for the excellent sound of your products.

  3. benz925

    benz925 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey that's good to hear that somebody else has the same problem...not good for you ofcourse =P
    I haven't tried everything like you have, but It seemed like a special conflict to me. I only tried downloading the latest drivers.
    Well that sucks that the Echo support people havent replied, I dont know what else there is to do. I''ll reply witht the mobo reference later...
  4. Reynhart

    Reynhart TS Rookie

    Hi, after reply to your message , i have found this topic relating similars problems with an Echo stuff and some Asus mobo.
    For me, i'm thinking that's a similar problem and the only way is to wait that asus or echo fix that with new bios or drivers, i hope there a more basic issue for you , i'm always interesting to your mobo reference.
    Good luck and stay on touch
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