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By monton
Jan 12, 2007
  1. I'm curious to know what folks out there think of various anti-virus suites. For example, I've used Trend PC-Cillin for many years and have been satisfied with it's performance. No infections and easy to use. I've used McAfee but the registration of the product is a pain and removal a nightmare. Norton's seems to give a significant performance hit. I'm using ZoneAlarm Security Suite on a couple dozen computers and find it cumbersome. Also, seems to slow things down a bit. I've also developed frequent loss of connectivity. Computer says it is connected yet can't connect to other computers on my LAN or the internet. Sometimes I can do a repair and connect. If that doesn't work I use CMD ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew and usually am able to connect. I've also had to unplug my cable modem and router and reboot to get things to connect. All since installing ZoneAlarm so I am suspicious of it.
    Oh yeah, I use the free version of AVAST on my home 64bit XP Pro machine and am pleased with it.
  2. raybay

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    We have used Zone Alarm on all my clients computers since 2000 with excellent results and no slow-downs... large variety of computers with a number of different connections. However we have recently had lots of troubles with Zone Alarm on computers with Internet Explorer 7.0. As with any firewall, Zone Alarm takes some experience. Unless you are subject to a lot of infestations, you might be better off with the Windows firewall if you use IE 7.
    It depends a lot on McNabb's knee.
    Avast is as good, equal to AVG, as McAfee is bad. Our experience with McAfee, when it it is most needed, is truly awful. You definitely should not be using McAfee with any other install. But of course we don't believe you should be using it at all under any circumstances, we are so biased by bad experiences.
    If you are using either McAfee or Norton, you definitely should not be using anything else if you don't want the accompanying slow down.
    You should not have connection problems with just Avast and Zone Alarm, but if you are using others, and IE 7.0 you may be happier to slide back Zone Alarm.
    I definitely would not be using Zone Alarm and Symantec Security Suite... that is a sure cause of troubles.
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