Antivirus for Macs

By maxglover1989
Jul 4, 2008
  1. the life long question, which antivirus if any is good for my macbook pro. i think i need one, i dont knwo why but i rekon i do, i going to be doing alot of file transfers from a windows based pc i.e. home network using mac osx, vista and xp, because the macbook has cost alot of money i dont want it to be full of virii, do i need one and which one will be the best, ps. do avg make an antivirus for macs?
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    There isn't much need for a antivirus on mac, but if you want to be "courteous" and be sure you're not forwarding PC based viruses to your friends and coworkers, then you could use something like clamXav. Whatever you do, do not put norton av on your mac.
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