Any Guides On How To Add A Fan?

By reze-daniel
Jun 15, 2007
  1. Hey, ive posted a few times on the Audio&Video forum but i think that i should've from the start posted here from the start.

    I've recently got a new GPU: Gigabyte Geforce 8600GT and it relies on its passive cooling system (it has an enormous heatsink).
    Looks like the airflow going thru my case isnt good enough cuz at Idle the temp is 53C and at Load it can reach 86C and i think that this is very dangerous.
    My computer has 1 Intake and 1 Exhaust Fan.

    I have 3 empty PCI slots and i want to know if there is any way to add a fan on to one of them (the fan would have to stand horizontally compared to the other fans which are standing vertically). Also how do i even connect a fan to the computer to get it spinning.

    I'm also afraid that if i do add a fan on a PCI slot it might restrict airflow so i was also wondering if i could just add another exhaust fan and that would help my Video Card cool down. (If i add another exhaust do i also need to add another Intake Fan). Sry for lack of experience :dead:

    I have no modding experience at all so a guide or something would be what im looking for. Thanks!!

    Might there be any fans that connect directly to a PCI slot like a GPU would or something? And then i could have direct control over that fan with some software because that would really be the easiest thing for me.
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    while there are PCI fans, I would simply add a standard muffin fan. ensure the fan matches the pinout on your motherboard. 3 pin for 3 pin, 4 pin for 3 pin, etc...

    pretty much a no-brainer. Orient your top most fans for exhaust and your lower ones for intake. Remember heat rises.
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