any IWILL XP333 info?

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Mar 4, 2002
  1. Iwill XP333

    Anyone gott this board? What ram are you using, and what Athlon. Good results benching!
  2. superbuss

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    Here is my toy!

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  3. uncleel

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    The answers you seek can be found by a little research & reading.

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    Friday, March 1 2002 News Price Guide update @ 3D Spotlight

    XP333 Specifications:

    CPU Support:
    Supports Socket A for AMD Athlon XP, Athlon and Duron processors
    * XP processors from 1400+ to 1800+ and higher
    * Athlon processors from 700 MHz to 1.4 GHz
    * Duron processors from 600 MHz to 1 GHz and higher

    System Memory:
    DDR333 enables 2.7 GB/s peak bandwidth
    3 x 184-pin DIMM sockets support up to 3 GB of PC2700/PC2100 DDR memory
  4. schembo2000

    schembo2000 TS Rookie

    i read on hardocp that it performs on par with a KT266A
  5. svtcobra

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    The major issue right now with it is that the 333DDR ram is in short supply with only Kingston manufacturing it right now. I think once Crucial jumps on board you'll see better support.
  6. schembo2000

    schembo2000 TS Rookie

    there is no real spec for 333DDR. its like there is no spec for PC150 but it is still manufactured.
  7. wizard

    wizard TS Rookie

    Kyle must be smoking something new now. The ALi XP333 chipset sucks. The thing is slow and is only useful in overclocking. I think the only time the XP333 chipset runs @ KT266A speeds is when overclocked. If you want to overclock go for this chipset, but if you want real speed stick with something from the VIA KT266A chipset line.

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  8. boeingfixer

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    Here is the review that was on HardOCP

  9. Vehementi

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    I haven't heard very much praise for Iwill's system board. Anandtech's review as compared to other system boards kind of dislikes it, And I also read a review in PCGamer that was reviewing a system with that sysbo in it, and they kind of complained how bad it was.
    Well, it was a good first sysbo to support 333 MHz DDR. The new platform is still being refined.
    With it performing on par with the KT266a is pretty pathetic. It's memory bus is a full 66 MHz faster. The new version of the ALi MaGiK 1 [how many of you dislike companies who randomly capitalize letters in their models?] chipset should outpeform the KT266a substantially...
  10. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Just after I posted the review above, I was talking to a friend who I found out had the original Iwill for one of his systems and he has had it replaced twice because of failures.....sorry, didn't know that before I posted the review.
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