Anyone familiar with Silicon Image Raid's - I'm hosed....But maybe not?

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Anyhow, I have a 5 disk raid (raid 5) array and am using an eSATA II ExpressCard Raid (SIIG S6C1619X0063 SC-SAE612-S1).

Software: SataRaid5 (Array Manager) v – Running under XP Version 5.1 Using Java 1.5.0_06

Yesterday when I got into the office Drive ID 3 came up as Orphaned and my data is inaccessible. (all other drives report green and good) – The Rebuild Raid is grayed out – not clickable

When I remove the orphaned drive and hot-swap in the spare (backup drive I have in the event I had a drive go bad) – it recognizes the drive and shows available but the option to rebuild the raid is still grayed out.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can do? Or am I just totally hosed and going to have to deal with the 1.6 TB of data being lost?

Alot of this data is simply not backed up - it was the purpose of the RAID - I need to recover some of this data…


PS. Under the Device Group Summary - the orphaned drive shows as healthy... I don't want to "delete" the orphaned drive - but maybe I have to do this before the raid can be rebuilt?

PPS: here are the logs:
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