Anyone got a Thermaltake Bigwater SE ?

By JimShady23
Sep 11, 2008
  1. I have had a Thermaltake Bigwater SE that I have had sitting in the box in the basement for over a year now. Problem is, I have been having troubles finding a case that it will fit in, I have built several systems that consist of a 120mm rear fan however the radiator housing has not fit into any of them, there is just not enough top/bottom clearance for it to fit. Most of the cases have been Cooler Master mid-towers, however i have tried some other brands that I cant remember....Well and a Antec 900 which is on the large side for being a mid-tower. I am pretty sure that maybe a thermaltake case should house its own product, but I really dont want to take the chance of ordering one and not have it fit. (big PIA and expensive to RMA a case)

    So I was wondering if anyone has this water cooler in a mid-tower ? What brand and model would be....

    Thanks In ADVANCE....
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