Anyone know of a game involving robots and vegetables?

By Envergure
Dec 12, 2007
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  1. I played this game while ago and wondered if anyone happened to know the name.

    The premise is that you are a robot, and you run around a farm shooting vegetables with a distinctly Goodbye Galaxy-like raygun.

    Every so often you come across a farmer who you must save from the vegetables. When you kill a vegetable if dissolves into little glowing bits which can be collected for ammo, health of points.

    I played it on a G4 iMac at my church a few years ago. I got through level one, and saw the beginning of the second level, which featured a cave full of brightly-coloured crystals.

    Oh, and it's a (very arcade-y) third-person shooter.
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  3. Envergure

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    What about it?
  4. Envergure

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    Found it! It's called "Otto Matic."

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