Anyone knows what's happening here?

By Quake_City
Apr 25, 2008
  1. I’ve just set up a wireless connect between this computer and a laptop to share the internet and it seems as if I don’t even have to be using the broadband for it to be downloading e.g. I just tested it by opening a webpage then closing it, after I had closed that page I was still downloading at 4bps? It isn’t much but still if for no reason the usage goes up by 4 bps over a day that starts to sting. I even tried opening and closing a page, then turned the modem off and for over a minute it downloaded at this 4 bps, well that’s what was received on the Local Area Connection Status dialog box and when I turned the modem on again it started it again. But this isn't happening when I don't connect to the Linksys WRT54G e.g. if I disconnect the router from the modem and only use the ADSL2 modem to connect to the net it doesn't happen.
    I have two Local Area Connection icons on the taskbar when this is happening. I’m running Windows XP; I have noticed that it doesn’t always happen. E.g. If I go into show all connections page and I only have the Local Area Connection icon showing, it’s not happening, but if I have the Local Area Connection and a Internet Gateway icon as well it’s doing it.
    If anyone knows what’s going on here and has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers Q_C

    Thx for everyone that contributed to resolving this issue and to the same person who helped in the set up of the wireless connection, Oh yea that would be me!
    In add and remove windows components unclick network service, which got rid of the gateway icon and stopped that downloading.
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