Anyone OC With PCCHIPS/ECS M935DLU ???

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Jul 3, 2005
  1. Hello everyone. Im having a lil bit of trouble with my mobo. I have a PCCHIPS/ECS M935DLU mobo running 768MB PC2700 DDR with a Celeron 2.4 (northwood core). In the bios it lets me change the frequency of the cpu. Original is 100/166 and i can go only to 133/166. When i reboot, the system posts fine and reads as 3.2GHz. When windows goes to load, it shows the XP logo then randomly restarts. I tried turning off the L2 cache but it didnt make a difference. There is an option in the bios for timing whatever thats for. It lets me do normal, fast and ultra. Every time i punch the motherboard model into google it just brings up pages in portugese. Any ideas?

  2. vegasgmc

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    You cant run a 2.4 Celeron at 3.2 without some serious cooling set up, like water cooling. Turning off the L2 cache will cripple the processors performance.
    If you want to OC that processor you need a motherboard that lets you change the bus speed in 1mhz increments, not 100 or 133mhz at a time. When you change that board speed from 100 to 133 its actually going from 400 to 533 because you have a quad pumped bus.
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    Ahh, i see. Any idea on a cheap mobo replacement? I just did some modding of the case and installed 4 fans. Not sure of the ratings of the fans but the proc stays at 26 celcius and the case temp is usually 16-18 celcius. Are those good numbers or can i do better?
  4. zephead

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    actually, those temps sound a bit "too" low for your average 25 degree room. in any case, they are outstanding.
  5. vegasgmc

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    Those temps are way off. Thay should be about double those numbers unless you're in the arctic.
    Check They have alot of boards and most of them have customer reviews.
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