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Anyone use Photo DVD Creator slide show

By taht
Aug 24, 2008
  1. I am looking at this app and was googling and got reference to your site.

    I am looking for an app with the following abilities:
    - :"Audio Normalization"....so that the volume of all music is consistent in the show
    - I have all of my pics in 10 folders and want them to stream as 1 slide show with their respective mp3 music that I have selected. I don't want to have 10 menus that I have to activate each part of the show by using the DVD remote.
    -Text ability to scroll and not just read as when reading a Book
    -Random transitions
    -ability to write on a blank text pic ...credits etc.

    It seems with a lot of these apps that when you have them sorted into folders as I have done for ease of selection of my pics and selection of the music that I end up with 10 albums that i have to physically activate? because each has to have a menu?

    I really hope that someone knows about this app and I would appreciate any and all replies. I have tried Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story and I really want a program with "Audio Normalization " in it.
    One other program that I have been looking at is Memories on TV.

    Please if anyone knows of any of these programs your help would genuinely be appreciated.
    Kind Regards.
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