Apacer USB Flash Drive Issues--Constant Reformatting Required

By bduclos
Feb 24, 2006
  1. oK, so this looks like a new one by reading the older threads. i have had a 256 MB Apacer flash drive for 2 years now. it worked beautifully "as is" out of the box with no drivers or special formatting required. i had never had a problem on any computer i used it with. then about 2 months ago i booted up my PC and it didn't recognize it was there. i farted around for awhile and i got it to find the drive but then it required formatting. i formatted it as FAT32 and it worked again, so i transferred all of my files to it and could access them just fine. i unplugged it and put it back in a week later and it said the drive wasn't formatted. pissed off as i was, it wasn't critical as i had all of the data on my computer and was just going to back things up. i tried to format as FAT32 and it looked 100% complete but said it couldn't format the drive when it was done. the same things happened when i tried again with regular FAT format. i read exhaustively about problems people were having and tried the advice of the HP utility for formatting flash drives. again, FAT and FAT32 reformatting failed, but NTFS took hold. again, i transferred files and all seemed well. but, alas, unplugging the drive or even upon a shutdown of my PC then unplugging always resulting in the drive being recognized as unformatted when i tried to access the data again. i gave it to a friend who tried it on his PC's and he, too, had to format it the first time he plugged it in, but thereafter all of the data remained on the drive securely everytime he shutdown or unplugged/plugged back in. this is seriously frustrating because it means the drive is ok and something my computer is doing is wiping the drive clean (i think) everytime i shutdown the device or the computer. i know this is a seriously long post, but i wanted to get the whole process out there and see if anyone has some leads as to what could be wrong. i also tried going to http://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2 as someone had suggested in a post to have the integrity and security of my ports and connections tested to see if it was virus related. i have the latest version of norton which says my computer is virus and worm free and i used norton's check-it diagnostics and after reformatting the drive it says it is perfectly fine as well. seriously, i am dying here. i need to be able to transfer to and from this drive and have confidence the data will be there when i plug it in on another computer at point B. PLEASE help me out. thanks so much. .. .
  2. Betageek48

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    Is there a model number/ name on this thing besides just Apacer?
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