Apple announces Q2 earnings, 35.1 million iPhones sold

Shawn Knight

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Apple announced quarterly earnings on Tuesday, putting to rest speculation that competition might eat into its market share and sending shares surging in after-hours trading. The tech giant posted revenue...

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I guess its not much of a surprise that the iPod sales are declining, the iPhone does it just as well if not better and since the sales of iPhones are soaring, I mean, I got the 64gb iPhone 4S and there just isn't a need to have a separate device for music, If Apple lowered the prices on the entire iPod range though, then I could see a reason to purchase an iPod, I could by several Nano's and use one for my car for instance, even then though, I still use my phone now :S


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And if you had bought an Android phone with an SD slot another 32GB would only cost about $35. ;)

$39 billion revenue in 90 days is $433 million a day, or $18 million an HOUR. That's amazing. 'Very pleased' sounds like an understatement.

Yes, ipod is on the way out. But only because they did too much with it. There's still a good use for a nano. I don't want to workout with a phone sized music player. If they could build a good small mp3 player/radio with something integrated for fitness (GPS maybe?) they could bring it back.



Most people don't know this but the iPod now accounts for less than 1% of the entire value of Apple. If the iPod disappeared completely, it would hardly matter to Apple. Imho, the iPod stopped making sense as far back as 4 years ago when most smartphones already had 8-16GBs of RAM for music. Also, why would anyone want to carry 2 devices where one device does all the functions of the other. The only area where iPod still somewhat makes sense is the gym or for people who want to listen to music while doing active sports (say biking or running). I suppose not everyone wants a smartphone, in which case, the iPod may make sense. For most people it's simply a redundant overpriced device.


Apple is for slightly older generation and will be retired as baby boomers retire.