Apple buys back $14 billion of its own shares within two weeks of Q1 earnings results

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Feb 7, 2014
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  1. Apple recently bought back around $14 billion worth of its own shares over the past two weeks, according to CEO Tim Cook in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Cook said that the market didn't respond well to the...

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  2. VitalyT

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    Apple closed on a really good end of the year. The latest Macbook Pro and then Mac Pro are great products, and were well received. I believe iPhone 6 will be a significant milestone for Apple when they are finally all-in on 64-bit architecture. This should be another good year for Apple.

    NTAPRO TS Evangelist Posts: 809   +102

    Optimism on an apple article? I've seen everything now
  4. Twitter, Apple, Bitcoin, Facebook.

    These are the names we will soon forget.

    Microsoft, the sleeping giant AWAKENS! mwhahahahah! Back to reality, kiddies.
  5. theBest11778

    theBest11778 TS Addict Posts: 296   +125

    I agree I see a serious lack of progress by the companies/ideas mentioned. Twitter has it's cult following, kind of like Facebook, but recently it seems people actually want their privacy back, so I don't see them going away, just becoming irrelevant to most people. Bitcoin was/is a stupid idea, now everyone's realizing it. Apple however is in the do or die position. They won't survive on making good revisions of well received products. They need something new. The next iPad. Something no one else has. That's what's made them successful over the past decade, but I don't see anything in the pipe from them. Making good laptops won't keep you in business anymore (Sony just sold their Vaio division,) HP wishes it did something other than PCs (they've been trying to get rid of that division for a few years now.) Apple has a niche market, but the masses are getting tired of the Apple train. Either they have a Mac, like it, and feel no need to upgrade, or just don't want one to begin with. Similar trends are happening with the iPads. Why buy a new one, when the iPad 2 will do anything an average person wants? So they don't buy another.

    I feel the iPhone will still sell well as many people have invested in the Apple ecosystem (apps,) and don't want to just throw that away, but as far as being a technology leader... I don't see anything on the horizon. Google is poised to take everyone over as the worlds leading Tech company by a huge margin.
  6. Mbloof

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    Ahh... that basically sums up ALL technology today and its buyers today. I already own a: desktop, laptop, MP3 player, tablet, GPS, smart phone - they all work - I'm happy with them - why exactly do I need to replace them again?

    Its all about market saturation and all these technology companies REAL worse threat is their prior released and sold products. Would I replace any of the above with the same brand if they FAILED? Maybe. Then again I might shop around to see what the other guys have to offer.

    Just because companies keep "inventing" or "reinventing" the same product(s) over and over does not equate to people running out and purchasing every new revision. In families (and extended families) some might get the "hand me downs" of others upgrades. Some might SELL what they have to partially sponsor a new device. (which equates to 2 people wanting your product and your only making ONE sell)

    I'm surprised that the Print media never got pissed off about this one like the publishers of Computer games do. (IP sold from source ONCE and then resold or traded dozens of times to others equating into no extra sells for the owner of the IP)
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  7. p51d007

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    Markets, except for India & China, are pretty well saturated. With the stagnant economy in the USA, people aren't trading in 6-12 month old devices, people are not buying "new" stuff, holding onto the older devices that still work.

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