Apple iPhone 4S benchmark results leaked

By Shawn Knight · 29 replies
Oct 11, 2011
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  1. Apple iPhone 4S benchmarks are hitting the web well ahead of the October 14 release date imposed by Apple at last week’s product unveiling. Preliminary results show that the updated…

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  2. Nexus one is faster than HTC Sensation??? Are you kidding me?

    iPhone people, if you want to rig something, make sure it make sense.

    What a bullcrap!
  3. 1977TA

    1977TA TS Rookie Posts: 89

    They are both running Gingerbread, Gingerbread only uses 1 core for browsing, so that's why they tested so closely.

    Not that it matters a whole lot to me, I only use my phone for browsing the web in a pinch, but ICS will use both cores.Will be interesting to see what the SGII will bench then...over 100k maybe??
  4. This benchmark isn't very fair. For one, it only compares the stock browser of each device. Not many people that I know of use the stock browser on android anyway, and many people have achieved much better benchmarks than the 4s or iPad 2 using Opera or Firefox.
    Furthermore, they've used ios 5 (which doesn't even come out until tomorrow) and Gingerbread (which is months old). A fairer comparison would be to wait until Ice Cream Sandwich comes out next week. The browser benchmark will be much improved as the new ICS browser will be able to use the dual cores of whichever phone.
    Finally, the iPhone 4S SHOULD be ahead at this stage. It is the newest device out of all of the devices in the benchmark test. Technology advances as time goes on. And even then it might not be ahead after the release of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime next week. Come back in a few weeks and we'll see who's winning.
    Despite all of this, the benchmark really isn't an effective measure of what the phone can do in terms of speed. The opening speed of apps is something that most smartphone users consider important. A few hundredths of a second is not vital to the success of a device. Just look at the other advantages that certain android phones hold over the 4s. The Samsung Galaxy SII's screen is still the best screen in the world, and I doubt whether the 4s' camera will beat it. A benchmark test should form no basis for the decision of whether to buy a certain phone over another.
  5. facts are facts
  6. Obviously Apple fanboyism
  7. Zilliak

    Zilliak TS Booster Posts: 164

    This is bias and mostly bs. The phones are running out of date software, and there is no way the s2 is slower than an iphone 4s sorry, but the chip inside that puppy blows the a5 out of the water.
  8. The only bad thing about hoping ICS helps improves scores is the majority of the phones on that list may not even get it, and they won't get it very soon, definitely not in the next few weeks.
  9. DokkRokken

    DokkRokken TS Rookie Posts: 267

    You guys are really saying Anandtech stacked the deck in favour of Apple? Seriously?
  10. Yes, and the other phones are running the stock Android versions. No updates.
  11. Well, I just ran sunspider on my P990/Optimus 2x and it took 2265ms, so that's only trailing the I4S with 65ms using the stock browser. I'd take the benchmarks with a grain of salt. Not that synthetic benchmarks mean all that much to begin with. I'd much rather see benchmarks comparing different OS versions. Hopefully that'll be available in the next few weeks.
  12. The iPhone empire was built upon ease of use and great reliability, nothing else. It's looks really mean nothing because a crappy great looking device is still a shiny piece of crap. The fact is that Android has equalled or surpassed iPhone in most areas.

    The iPhone 4S is slower than phones that are 6 months old. It's screen (I'm an iPhone 4 owner) is sharp but blindingly small for fine details.

    Plus the visual difference between a retina display (960x540) and Samsung Galaxy S2 (800x480) is almost impossible to tell. I was shocked by this fact. So essentially iPhone 4 retina charges for pixels you cannot even

    Android devices are SD memory expandable, iPhone is still not.

    Android browsers are native flash enabled.

    Android renders exactly as a desktop browser, unlike iPhone which edits pages content.

    Androids battery is replacable, iPhone is not.

    And finally, Android lets you customize as you see fit, without feeling like an unsupported iPhone Jailbreaker.
  13. I have an ipad2 and it's slow as f*ck. My HTC Desire is faster
  14. lol sure the 3gs is faster than the evo 4g
  15. n00bzZy

    n00bzZy TS Enthusiast Posts: 39

    The sunspider results are very inaccurate. I get a result of 1430ms on my Sgs2 through firefox.
  16. What a joke! You probably have only tried iPad 2 on store! I have iPad 2 and is faster then any mobile device i have ever used! Andro freaks......
  17. I have owned every iPhone since the 3G. If Apple ever added SD functionality (slot + exposed file system) or made the battery removable (shudders), I would never, ever, buy one again.

    "the visual difference between a retina display (960x540) and Samsung Galaxy S2 (800x480) is almost impossible to tell"

    I can tell. =D
  18. You might claim that you know many people who doesn't use the stock ROM, but I can also say the opposite is true. Your sample selection of those you know who doesn't use it is an extremely poor sample selection.
  19. It's so interesting to see people say such hardcore facts showing that they're diehard fans of one product.

    Each phone has its ups and downs that can easily be picked out. It all falls down to what the user wants and what they want their experience to be. So everybody else cut the bull.
  20. hah aha this is not the only report where the iPhone 4s kick Samsung s2 ***
  21. My iPhone kicks all your droids butts and you know it...Stop hatin!!!
  22. Just tried SunSpider on my Captivate with Firefox and got 2700...I'm not overly impressed with a brand new iPhone being marginally better than a phone 16 months older.
  23. I love how you seem to think an sd card somehow "exposes" the file system and that it in some way would even remotely affect the security of your phone. Even more so considering you're an iphone user where security has been broken seven different ways to sunday since its initial release back in 2007.

    For future reference, no phone is completely secure. Whether or not your phone supports expanding its storage via microsd does not affect your security. At. All. Supporting microsd simply means you can have a higher total storage capacity. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    And a replacable battery gives you the option for you, as you see fit, to determine whether or not you wish to replace it, rather than to be at the mercy of the manufacturer's repair centers and possibly be left without a phone while it's in for the trivial job of just swapping out an old battery.

    Trying to somehow twist this into bad things and that a phone is better because it doesn't have these options is nothing short of willful ignorance and the kool-aid talking. As someone else mentioned, there are pros and cons to all phones. For example, the iphones have an extremely well polished ui and codebase and most of the time "just work" without many of the issues that plague android currently. The battery and microsd stuff, however, is not a positive thing. That's a negative. Don't even try to pretend otherwise because it makes you look like a fool and you're giving iphone users in general a bad rep.
  24. Get over yourselves. A test is a test. Read the results and deal with it.
  25. haha nonsense! just tested my htc thunderbolt against the iphone 4s tried 10 websites with heavy graphics and animations and my thunderbolt was superior in all in speed! dont know who is running these test? but ill give it to the iphone 4s for screen quality and device hardware(looks nice)

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