Apple patent describes a folding smartphone with a 'self-healing' display


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In context: Modern smartphones are light years ahead of old-school flip phones, but that hasn't come without a cost. iPhones and Android devices alike both suffer from durability issues when dropped -- even the toughest Gorilla Glass is likely to scratch or dent from small falls. Fortunately, Apple has a solution, of sorts: an iPhone with the ability to repair minor damage all by itself.

A patent application published yesterday -- but filed way back in March of 2019 -- describes a foldable smartphone that can bend vertically, like a book.

Functionally, it sounds like it would resemble a Galaxy Fold, though it would obviously have a much more Apple-like design if it ever hit the market. More important than that, though, is the self-repair functionality we mentioned before. According to the application, the phone may have an elastomer cover layer with "self-healing properties."

The self-healing process could be "initiated or expedited" by external sources, such as heat, light, electric current, or a different type of stimulus. This concept is certainly exciting, though we should note that patent applications are rarely set in stone. In many cases, companies simply use them as a means to lock down ideas and prevent their competitors from using them.

In other words, don't expect to see a self-repairing iPhone on the streets anytime soon. If there's ever even a hint that this idea might become a reality, though, we'll certainly let you know.

Image credit: Cnet, iDownloadBlog

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We've seen such thing on the back of phones like the lg g flex (2?). An now as flexible screen are made of plastic, they might use the same kind of tech.

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Hmmmmm ..... maybe Apple could find a way to adapt that to their reputation and if they perfect it, then turn around and market it to a BUNCH of different companies, governments, marriages, and a lot, I mean a LOT of other things too!