Apple releases iCloud Drive for Windows, Mac users have to wait until Yosemite is out


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Apple started rolling a revamped version of iCloud this week with the arrival of iOS 8. Dubbed iCloud Drive, the cloud storage service is now more akin to Dropbox and Google Drive in that you can actually access and store...

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Greg S

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Why would you release an updated product for you competition's OS before you own OS? You are basically showing that the competition's OS is easier to develop for by doing that.


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Yes its released on Windows first, because they don't want to screw over iOS users that have Windows computers. The second sentence you had is not true at all, it has been out in the Developer Previews and Public Betas for Yosemite for months. Yosemite release is about a month away - so them keeping it exclusive to that OS creates another thing they can use to talk about how great it is. So while this is a bit unusual, there would have been some story in a month about how now it is available for Windows and OS X and people would have complained that they should have released it for Windows earlier.


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Maybe the worm has turned. (In hell, the worm dies not.) I hope thay allow iphone programming on windows. Think heaven.


WHY do they always use Drobox and Google drive for comparison and not onedrive. Drop box is good but you get next to nothing in the way of space for free. you get 15 GB for google drive plus you also get Google snooping through all your personal files to serve you up ads.. Onedrive is free and has 25 gigs for free plus as of today they are upping it to 30 GB for free. Hell I get 1TB free with my office365 sub.
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