Apple set to launch first iPhone with USB-C in 2023


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Lightning is objectively superior to USBC for a phone. It’s less fragile and less likely to break.
Really? I don't have the equipment to stress test the various connectors at home, but visually the USB-C connector looks significantly sturdier than the lightning connector for my iPhone.


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To be fair, iPhones have been using USB-PD as the charging protocol for a very long time. On Lightning connectors, yes, but at least the protocol was standard USB-PD.

Unlike Android, where it was all Qualcomm's proprietary QuickCharge trash. Thanks to Qualcomm's monopolistic practices, selling the SoCs cheaper if the vendor used QC. Until Google eventually forced Android vendors to support USB-PD.

So Android used to use a standard USB-C connector with a proprietary protocol, while Apple uses a proprietary connector with the standard USB-PD protocol. What a mess. Let's hope it comes to an end next year.

But I'm not holding my breath, these "analysts" have been predicting this for like 3-4 years now.
charging protocol isn't the same with transfer protocol. it doesn't matter if Apple use USB-PD, the chargers still isn't compatible with other phone except Apple only, and tops out at 18W or something.

Also, android isn't all Qualcomm, get your straw men straights lmao

John Staerck

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Lightning is junk.. that wafer thin pin array bends so easily and it always felt flimsy. Gone through so many Lightning cables where they just stop working. Yet other devices where I have to use USB-C I don't think I have broken one connector yet.

So glad they are getting rid of that POS. iPhone user here for my phone also..

Members of my family have had many iPhones, iPads and Airpods with lightning connecters and never had a cable failure.