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Dec 15, 2006
  1. So do i evenly spread out the AS5 with a credit card or something, or leave the bead there and let the pressure spread it when I put the heatsink on? I need to know this because i will be installing it on my CPU, and installing a new heatsink for my video card.
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    Its just common sense really!! You want enough on there so that it covers the contact surface of the cpu but not that much that it squirts out!!
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    The key to applying thermal paste is simple - you want the surfaces to be clean, and you want only the MINIMAL required paste to get the job done. The most common mistake for beginners is to apply too much paste. You'll no doubt see this type of problem with stock heatsinks that were installed at factories; whether its for CPUs, Northbridges, or Videocards, the stock sinks tend to have huge gobs of regular white (non-silver) paste.

    Step 1: Clean everything
    You have to clean both the heatsink and the CPU die thoroughly. This is especially true if some previous paste or goop or tape or anything else is on the heatsink or CPU die. Note that we are saying the die - do NOT clean the whole CPU!!

    Step 2: Apply a small amount of paste to CPU die
    No matter what paste you are using, try putting just a small amount on the CPU die. For smaller Athlon XP and Intel CPUs you really only need something like the equivalent to half a grain of rice. For people with heatspreaders, you would need to use more. But start off with as little as you think would give a super thin layer. It's always better to have too little to start (because you can add some more after Step 3 and repeat).

    Step 3: Spread the paste out
    Using something with a clean edge, spread the paste out across the whole of the die. Most people use something like a credit card, stiff business card, or razor. Make sure not to scratch the surface if you use something sharp!!! How thin should you spread? 1mm thick is a good rule of thumb, but you won't be able to measure it so you're going to have to just eyeball. I like to make sure that the paste is so thin that it looks like it barely coats the surface.

    Step 4: Install Heatsink carefully
    Make sure when you install the heatsink that you don't accidentally rub the heatsink around, or angle it such a way that might smear the paste away from the cooler base contact area.

    Additional Options
    Some people suggest that after you clean the heatsink you apply a very, very small amount of paste to where you estimate the die will be, and then wipe it down until only a slight haze remains. I personally do this on all my permanent installs for peace of mind but there is likely no real benefit.

    Pinched from this website here.

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    Nothing explains it better but THIS

    Which is the way I did it, you basically just apply a small dab (size of a small grain of rice) on the middle of the processor, then install the HSF unit directly on top of the processor. This spreads the compound evenly throughout the surface of the CPU. Try not to wiggle it too much or accidentally move it, since you'll want a nice, clean spread while putting the HSF on.
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    Lol I wonder why they added:

    Don't put it in your mouth.
    Don't give it to children or leave it where children can get a hold of it.
    Keep it away from pets.

    :haha: I bet some guy had some fun eating Arctic silver :D
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    Probably to avoid lawsuits or something like that.

    I really doubt eating AS5 would be fun, but who knows. Maybe it causes some kind of euforia?
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    the important step is cleaning the CPU surface first. Use a can of electronics cleaner/degreaser. Ensure it is all evapoprated completely before applying the grease.
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    He could also use isopropanol or acetone.
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    I personally use isopropanol, does acetone or the electronics degreaser previously mentioned work any better?
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    6C Drop in tempature after application of AS5, and my 7600GT is running at 650/1600, core is GTX speed lol. And it runs cooler than at stock with the OC and VF-900.
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