Build a PC Are all of my parts compatible?

I'm looking to build my first computer, and I'm still not totally sure if all of my selected parts will all work with each other. This is not supposed to be a gaming computer or anything like that: just a simple starter computer. I would also like some feedback on whether I might need to upgrade or downgrade certain parts to fit my needs. Thanks!







Hard Drive

Optical Drive


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The build itself is alright. However, I'd drop the HD 7850 to something like a 7770 and put that money towards a better CPU. Since you indicated this isn't a gaming computer, a better CPU will be a much better use of your money. Additionally, while the PSU you picked would probably work fine. The builder series hasn't had the best wrap. You may want to go with one of corsairs HX,TX or AX offerings. Or, check out seasonic or antec offerings.

What's your budget for this build? It will help us suggest different parts.

Jad Chaar

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Yeah, as BLK said, you do not need a GPU. Onboard video is enough for regular tasks. What is your budget?
Mostly just Internet browsing and simple stuff like that. I'm just trying to make a starter computer to see if I can do it before I start on a higher quality one


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At your budget, you can make a nice machine, based off what your saying, you don't really wanna game, its mostly for things like internet (Maybe minor internet games), watching shows possibly, and just basic computing needs. Now of course depending on how much of the 700 you want to spend, you can of course go pretty high or low, for your needs, I would suggest an APU machine. I was setting one up for a friend in that price range that will be great for you at that price point. Now of course, if you wanna go cheaper than that, its very easy to fix that of course, however, heres a good starting point if nothing else.

AMD A10-6800k with ASUS FM2-PRO MOtherboard (On sale Combo Deal at the moment)

Western Digital 1tb 7200RPM Drive

XFX Core Edition 550Watt PSU

Gskill RipJaw-Z Series 2133 16gb 4x4gb Style Ram

NZXT Vulcan Micro Tower Case
$70 (You can sub for any case you want really)

LG Blu-Ray Combo Drive

This Machine maybe a little more than you need, but will do all you want and more for a good long time, its total according to the newegg checkout is $612.98

I hope this helps!


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Good suggestions by GhostRyder as well. However, I wouldn't say that the 16GB 2133Mhz RAM is necessary. Any 2X4GB 1333Mhz or 1600Mhz ram would be sufficient and save him money.


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It was in the budget that's why :p

Since that specific APU has the 2133 controller in it, thought it could be a nice little add on (Plus it adds some umph to that bad boy). That was a media machine selection I was doing for a friend and I just changed 2 things to make it fit the budget. At 618 dollars, that thing would humm along as a media machine.

I was also doing things based off some previous choices he listed.