Are these devices causing the problem?

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Feb 15, 2006
  1. Went to melp my friend fix his computer last night, When he was playing audio it would say "No Audio Hardware detected" But in Device manager, ALL sound drivers seem to be fine, He uses some INTEL chipset.

    But there are 2 devices there called "Multimedia Controller" and "Multimedia Video Controller" which do not have any drivers installed, Windows cannot find any drivers for the devices on the system.

    Will these "Multimedia Controller" and "Multimedia Video Controller" be affecting the sound, Its saying theres no Audio hardware installed.

    Heres a pic of somesoftware i downloaded that gave me a liilte help:


    What i want to know are these missing drivers whats causing my friends computer to say no audio harware installed.

  2. PanicX

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    Looks like your friends PC has multiple Video Capture cards and these are the Unknown controllers. Try checking the Sounds and Audio Devices applet in the Control Panel and verify that the sound card is selected properly under the Audio tab.
  3. s3xynanigoat

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    You need to install the multimedia controller. It will be on the CD that came with your motherboard. If this is a Dell machine then you can hop out to their website and enter your service tag #. That will take you straight to the downloads section for your computer.
  4. k1n9k00p4

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    Its not a dell machine, its on old Packard bell machine he bought second hand o_O

    He didnt have any CD's with it, no driver cd's or anything like that.

    Yes, i have been to controll panel and selected sound and audio and no matter what audio hardwarew i choose it allways says "No audio hardware installed".

    The computer is really old too, Im gonna have a hell of a hardtime finding the drivers :(
  5. N3051M

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    panicX is correct. they are drivers for a video capture card or tv card. just look for drivers for a bt878 or otherwise goto twinhan's website, i think their program is compatible with that type.

    that wont be related to your sound problem, it may be software or hardware related..
    can you tell us the full system specs please? as well as what was done recently (ie installed stuff, updates, changes etc)

    now, i want you to back up your registry [run>regedit>file>export] making sure its at the highest level of the tree and to a safe folder in your pc.
    goto device manager and remove everything in the sound, game media adaptors tree and then reboot. it should theoreticaly reinstall your missing audio driver. all you have to do is update.
  6. k1n9k00p4

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    I am really unsure of the actual specs but ill try and remember as best i can:
    10gb HDD
    64mb RAM
    Pentium III cpu
    The machine itself Was originaly designed for win98 as it has the "Designed for windows 98" sticker on the front.

    ok, when i first got the PC i formated the HDD and reinstalled winXP because thats when he wanted.

    NOTE* Before i formated all devices were working fine, so i made a note of the drivers he was using)

    After the format completed, I continued to install the device drivers, but after i did that there was still 2 devices wich were unknown or were missing drivers.

    Windows could not find the drivers on the system.

    N3051M, i realise theres devices are for video but one of them says (Audio Section) next to one of the unknow devices, this may be affecting the sound output of the machine.

    I do not have access to the system at the moment, but as soon as i do i will back up the registry and do as you have said.

  7. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    win98 ey?

    well for starters, if you/he got $50+-? get that machine above 256mb ram (128 minimum, 512 prefered), winxp doesnt exactly like running abit limited.. and it will start likeing you when you do give it space..
    i'm suprised that you actualy got it running on that rig.. but tell me, it must be realy laggy and slow (double click IE.. try it..:))

    here are the drivers/program you can install for the capture card (should be compatible) :
    but you will need directx and a good video card to run it optimum on windows xp...

    the audio section refers to the audio side of the tv/capture card.. like how the tv has video and sound, same frequency but different signals at the same time (just think of it like a mpg file), something has to decode the audio side and the other the video, since its not always the same whatever type of thing they use in tv.. if you want to get rid of it just open up the case and pull out the card, and if its onboard (doubt it) goto bios and disable it... so in short: 1 tv card has 2 circuits & chips, 1 for decoding audio, other video.. that is the short short and simple version of the more complicated tech talk.. i very highly doubful that it is causing that problem..
    its most likely to do with your sound card, find out if its onboard sound or card sound.. drivers you wrote down, double check that you got ones for windows xp version and not 98 or else they wont work..
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