Ask users for login/pass to access network shares in Windows 2000?

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I'm setting up a server at work and I really don't know the ins and outs of security settings etc.. So this is a pet project of mine.

Basically, I want any computer (regardless of network name) to be able to access a share, but be prompted for a user name and password to open the directory.

Usually (it would seem), Windows 2000 just plain old denies access to anyone who does not have user account ont he server. If I can get it to prompt for a user name /pass before this, then that will serve my purposes quite nicely.


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I believe the NET command in XP/2k permits passing a username/login.

Also, when mapping a network drive to a network share, you have the option of putting in a user/pass.


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Seems like I may be missing something, but if I have 2 windows 2000 machines, which are NOT on a domain, and I try to access a share on one from the other, provided that correct NTFS and share permissions are set, I SHOULD be prompted with a username and password dialogue. What share and NTFS permissions do you have?
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