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Jul 5, 2009
  1. Hello everyone. This is my first review to be posted on here. Anyway I purchased the Asus EeePC from bestbuy about a week ago and now I feel like I have enough information to bring together a pretty good review. Here it goes.

    First thoughts: When I first saw the netbook I was mildly impressed and felt it was a decent deal for the money, here are the specs:

    Intel Atom N270 (nothing too special)
    1GB DDR2 PC6400 (still nothing too special)
    160GB Hard Drive (Meh)
    3cell Battery with Marked 5 hour battery life (not too bad)
    Wireless N (Okay, interesting)
    10.2in LED Screen (Okay looking more appealing now)

    All in all a pretty average netbook. The price tag was $299.99 + Tax, not bad really.

    First Day: Got the netbook home, charged and started away! The factory install of Windows XP home is pretty basic. No large amounts of bloatware or annoying factory ads to sell me things. Keyboard starts to get on my nerves. Seems cheaply made, almost like typing a paper will make it fall apart. Checked to see if ram was easily upgradeable, answer is very yes! Little panel on bottom unscrews to reveal the memory. Hard drive would be a different story.

    Next few days: Average battery life is around four hours while on wifi. Keyboard still feels a bit cheap , but am getting used to it. Screen is very bright and easily adjusted to fit lighting. Wifi works great and is pretty quick. Installed KOTOR as a pass time... bad idea. The GMA 950 really isn't suited for any amount of graphics. Did discover a fix to get counter strike source running fairly well.

    Final thoughts: Great little machine for a secondary computer to keep in the living room on in the car. Keyboard is still a bit annoying but I did get used to it. I am typing this review on it now. Web cam works well with decent quality. The new design of the netbook as a whole is very attractive, very thin quite glossy so finger prints are an issue. I feel it is worth what I paid and it will be a fine machine to use around when I don't feel like using the desktop or the standard laptop.

    Link to netbook
  2. Tmagic650

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    You do get what you pay for, don't you ;)
  3. DesperateBuyer

    DesperateBuyer TS Rookie


    About that keyboard . . . I ordered the same netbook on-line from Best Buy. The keyboard moved when I typed on it, that is, each key stroke caused the keyboard to cave in in the middle. Only the keys furthest out did not do that. I returned it during the 14 day return period -- shipping charges on me.

    My brother has the same basic model with less battery life. His keyboard is not annoying like that. His does not give.

    I'm still trying to decide which netbook to make my first. Hope you find a solution. It sounds like it needs to be repaired.
  4. tipstir

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    I have this model and the Acer Aspire One A250-1165 both offer different features. But I am happy with them both. Since use both 802.11G and 802.11N the Asus 802.11N wireless feature stands out for me using Belkin N+ under IPV6. Acer uses 802.11G but still not bad. The price on the Asus was still less than the OP reported. I've upgraded both to 2GB of RAM the Asus RAM is not the same as the Acer netbook but overhaul both a very speedy. I also use 4GB microSDHC for Windows ReadyBoost under Windows 7 Utlimate. Battery life on the Asus is almost 4 hours still not bad. Acer is around 3.5 hrs. I turn down the LED panel. The LED panel on both of these netbooks looks wonderful!

    Desktop Remote into other systems on my network great!
    Watching Recorded media great
    Surfing and checking email no issues.

    I am enjoying using the netbooks anywhere the huge laptop was used.
  5. pkww2

    pkww2 TS Rookie

    If keyboard on netbook is your concern, try Samsung N130-13B, price $299. with 6 cells battery (6 hours) N270, 1GB, 160GB, XP Home, Webcam. The keyboard are 1st class... same as Dell Mini 10 as well.
  6. kriky

    kriky TS Rookie

    I just saw the samsung N130-13B for free at a freebies site, is it that good? I wanted to buy it but now I'm not that sure...
  7. SimpTech

    SimpTech TS Rookie

    Ergo Keyboard

    This is a great inexpensive netbook. As for the keyboard, it is the new Ergo design. It is supposed to allows the board to absorb the impact as you type. I love it, I have typed various articles and designed both PowerPoint presentations and have used PhotoShop CS4 on this great nugget of Asus technology.

    You must upgrade it to 2GB of memory and consider installing Linux. The Atom processor is very energy efficient. Asus has a reputation second to none for motherboard reliability. I have hooked up several external drives, including a 16GB USB 2 stick, worked great. I have attached it to various projectors and monitors with no problems. I would recommend disabling the mouse pad and getting a wireless mini mouse, again works great.

    All said and done, if you do not want to lug around a laptop for work get one, if you want a great cafe cruiser get one. Asus was the first company to develop the mini/netbook category so it is safe to say it has the edge.

    If you have $300 bucks to spend...get one.
  8. Eeed

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    Not sure where you got that excuse but to eliminate the keyboard flex, just remove the board and carefully tweak it so the middle stays down after it's reinstalled.

    N270s are single core.
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