Asus DR-570 e-reader boasts 6-inch color OLED display, 122-hour battery life

By Matthew
Jan 18, 2010
  1. Despite not showing the device at CES, Asus reportedly has a new e-book reader up its sleeve, the DR-570. Sources indicate that it will sport a 6-inch OLED color display, and boasts a 122-hour battery life under "real-world conditions," such as streaming Flash video via Wi-Fi or 3G. If that's accurate, the DR-570 could make for a competitive alternative to devices like Amazon's second-generation Kindle.

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  2. ET3D

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    I'm no longer as excited about e-book readers as I was in the past, but if this gives a full internet browsing experience (as the Flash video comment suggests), then a 200 grams device with a 122-hour battery life is incredible. Even if it's just 24 hours when browsing, it's still incredible.
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