Asus Laptop Keyboard, Mouse and Battery issues

By Wasser
Sep 5, 2016
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  1. My Asus X200CA Notebook appears to have related problems. It started with the letter B suddenly not working, then coming good after weeks but losing battery charging functionality (0%, charging) about the same time, then my wireless mouse would not work but a wired mouse did. I was about to throw it out, but tried it a couple of days later and is working perfectly so is back in use. About the same time I've lost an array of letters and numbers so I'm using the OSD to write this.
    I have tried sfc / scannow and deleting drivers . Win7.
    Any ideas?
  2. Wasser

    Wasser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Updating. I have noticed that, in Device Manager, when I use the wireless mouse, an 'HID compliant device' entry is inserted in both Mouse and Keyboard and reverting to a wired mouse removes the entry from Keyboard.
    In addtiion, the 'PC/AT Enhanced PS2 Keyboard (101/102 key)', in Properties, has listed 2 drivers, the first highlighted, i8042prt.sys seems odd. The second entry kbdclass.sys seems kosher. So I entered system files and tried to rename the first one but only TrustedInstaller has permissions and trying to change permissions resulted in ACCESS DENIED.

  3. Wasser

    Wasser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Great support!
    I have tried a usb keyboard and it works fine. It uses the 'HID keyboard' and elicits the 'kbdciass.sys' driver, the second one in the list for the PS2 internal keyboard. Is there some way to make this the driver for the PS2 rather than the i8042prt.sys driver, noting that I don't have permissions to rename it.
    Someone? Hello?

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