Asus P5LP-LE Motherboard Front Panel Pinouts

By johnboy57
Feb 18, 2010
  1. Hi all. I have this MB in a HP Pavilion a1720n system I bought a few years ago, and have switched out the Small HP Case to a Antec 300 for more room and to add fans that the HP case did not have, and for my son to game with.

    Now, I just checked here and found a similiar situation where a person switched out to a Antec 300 also, and needed the manual or picture of the FRONT PANEL PINOUTS because the letters on the board are too small to read to be able to hook up the pins to the panel.

    You provided a site to where you can get the information, but it's locked out and I can't get the downlod to the manual or pic that I need to connect the pins to the front panel.

    Can someone please help me in locating or sending me info for the download for this manual so I can connect the pins to the front panel. My 8 year old is ragging me out to get this fixed so he can play his games....LOL. Thanks to any help or info you can provide.
  2. linktriscuit

    linktriscuit TS Rookie

    The front panel header has 5 pins(top), and 4 pins(bottom). Starting with the top far left it is as follows: N/C Reset GND HDLED - HDLED +
    Then the bottom 4 pins GND PWR PWRLED - PWRLED +
    I hope this can be understood.
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