asus sli both cards working or not??

By triiifashions
Apr 7, 2007
  1. i am working with an asus an8-sli delux motherboard and two evga 256 video cards. when i pull up display settings and the advanced tab i can only see where it says i have 256 video ram am i not looking in the right place or is one card not working???

    im not sure

    any help would be appriciated

    thanks in advance
  2. triiifashions

    triiifashions TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 129

    doesnt anyone have any experience with these things or did i just slip through?
  3. kenm

    kenm TS Rookie

    In SLI mode it will only show 256MB RAM. SLI does not combine the video memory of both cards. It will use all the memory, just won't show it available.

    There is a setting in the nVidia control panel that will show the usage of each card as it is rendering your screen. I can't remember exactly where the setting is but if you check you should be able to find more info.
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