Asus to release 31.5-inch 4K monitor in the US next month



4k monitors are not still a gimmick. The extra real estate is a massive benefit to those of us who use PC's for actual work, as opposed to playing games and watching videos.


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Today it is still a gimmick:

1. Scaling in Windows 8 sucks, and in Windows 7 it is even worse.
2. No games that work in 4K
3. No video in 4K, the choice of what's out there at the moment is a joke.
4. When the first games come out supporting 4K, later this year, it will take 2xTitan in SLI to provide good FPS.

I would suggest waiting till next year... And right now a 30" monitor is a way better choice.

virtually every game supports "4K" it's noting new PCs have been doing resolutions higher then that long before the days of main stream lcd screens. With directx if the drivers support the res so will the game


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Are you sure?[SIZE=15px][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=15px]You just said pricing has just surfaced. Or did you get one to test out already?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]I wouldn't be able to, though some people did test it in part, with a Macbook Pro Retina: [/SIZE][SIZE=15px][/SIZE]


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Asus exposes the downside of being ahead of ones's time.

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