Asus ZenFone 2 crowned fastest-charging smartphone, narrowly edges out Galaxy S6

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Screen size and camera quality are perhaps the two most important features when considering a new smartphone. Battery life is also extremely important, especially when you consider the fact that flagship smartphone makers are increasingly moving away from removable batteries.

As a result, how quickly a phone can top off its battery has become a crucial selling point for road warriors that spend much of the day on the go. Predictably, there’s no shortage of handset makers claiming their phone is the fastest to recharge. But who’s actually telling the truth?

Tom’s Guide recently put seven of the most popular smartphones to the test to see which was the fastest when it comes time to recharge.

Surprisingly enough, the Asus ZenFone 2 provided the most power in the shortest amount of time. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 managed to match the speed of the ZenFone 2 at the 30-minute mark and was the fastest to reach 80 percent and full charge. When battery capacity is factored into the equation, however, the ZenFone 2 topped the Galaxy S6 by a very narrow margin.

Other smartphones in the roundup include the Google Nexus 6, the LG G4, the Motorola Droid Turbo, the OnePlus 2 and the Apple iPhone 6. Speaking of, Apple fans may be sad to learn that the iPhone 6 finished dead last in nearly every test.

Lead image courtesy Martin Abegglen, Flickr

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But does it last longer on battery ? s6 can hardly make 1 day with heavy use. alpha makes 2 days with same use. its not about how fast it charges, its about how long it lasts. just like sex, its not about the 10 secs good sex, its about the long lasting sex ;)


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I use my Zenfone 2 (5.5" 32Gb 2.3GHz model) quite heavily. It usually makes it from 7am - 2am (I don't sleep much) with about 20-30% remaining.

I'm very very impressed with this phone, haven't regretted buying it once.


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Further-qualifying my statement, I don't turn off WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth or GPS services. I am quite vigilant regarding properly closing apps once I'm done with them though.


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One thing I don't get about this fast charging thing is that isn't charging a battery fast suppose to decrease it's lifespan? So if you have phone with a none removable battery then you're only decreasing the lifespan of the phone?

I also don't get how people go through their battery so quickly. My Lumia 1520 can go 2-3 days on a single charge with moderate to heavy use. Whenever I go bike riding I'll stream music from my phone for 4-5 hours and it will only use 20-25% charge. If all I'm doing is sending texts and making calls I can go a week without charging. It has a 3400mah battery, but something in that size range seems fairly standard on flagship phones.


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Unless something has changed, over time, each charge of the battery, will lessen its life. The chemicals inside, react to current flowing INTO them, and over time, the lifespan is reduced.
I'm not up on LiOn, but I know the older NiMh batteries did NOT like fast charging which would overheat the cells and really decrease their lifespan.